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Southampton 08 - Review - Been there

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Topic: Southampton 08 - Review - Been there
Posted By: radixon
Subject: Southampton 08 - Review - Been there
Date Posted: 13 Sep 08 at 10:14pm
Went to the boat show, drove down by car from West London so straight down the M3. Turned off to join the Park and Ride, no signs. Yep there was NO PARK AND RIDE.

Anyway after paying for parking in Southampton town centre (approx 10) then entered the boat show to see the normal array of stands in their usual places.

Was a good day, sun was out, it didn't rain so wasn't that bad. Crossed off everything OH had been asked to look at by her boss looking at the RS, Laser and Topper range and picked up a few BS bargins.

All in all if you have never been then its worth a look around but otherwise its the usual stands with new products etc.

Posted By: ptcruiser
Date Posted: 14 Sep 08 at 9:14pm
Thanks for the update Richard - we were thinking of going next week...but don't think we'll bother.  Probably go to the Earls Court one at Christmas pick up some pressies 

Posted By: olly_love
Date Posted: 14 Sep 08 at 9:15pm

my housemate went yesterday said it was the same old stuff. was shocked at the alto costing 9 grand. from the water it doesnt look to busy apart from today we had loads of gin palaces flying past us giving us good waves to jump

TWO FRANK-Hunter Impala

Posted By: G.R.F.
Date Posted: 14 Sep 08 at 9:34pm
Originally posted by olly_love

was shocked at the alto costing 9 grand.

Hmm gone up a bit since the dinghy show, well never mind, we don't want
just any old rif raf owning them.

Did you notice any changes, have they built it with a bridge over the pole?

How about the spinnaker chute?

Posted By: olly_love
Date Posted: 14 Sep 08 at 9:36pm
no idea my housemate just brought the brocher home. seems a massive rip off and will be interesting to see if a propper 505 can go past it with the monster kite

TWO FRANK-Hunter Impala

Posted By: G.R.F.
Date Posted: 14 Sep 08 at 9:47pm
Well it's hardly a rip off when you consider how much a 'proper' 505 with a
monster kite would cost, oh and failed to beat us today, by two and half

Posted By: Webmuppet
Date Posted: 14 Sep 08 at 10:17pm
Hmmmm...haven't we been here before ? It's like deja-vu all over again ! LOL

So was there anything new and interesting at the Southampton show ?


I am the milkman of human kindness, I will leave an extra pint (Billy Bragg)

Graduate 2530 'Galaxy'

Posted By: ASok
Date Posted: 15 Sep 08 at 6:55am

I went on Saturday and it was the usual stuff - lots of yachts that I can't afford, but nice to look at.  The dinghy selection was rubbish - Laser didn't even have a Dart 18 on the stand RS didn't have the boats I wanted to look at.

Missed the Alto.  Shame I would have liked a look.

The Tekcat looks like a monster.  I'd love a go!

Parking - at the weekend there was a docks area that was open for parking for 7 all day.  I don't know Southampton that well, but it was a turn off between Ocean Village and the Red Funnel entrance.  Through the security gates and then all cash goes to their charity.

In conclusion, I'd normally give it a miss, but was offered free tickets and was meeting people there.  Won't be rushing back next year.




Posted By: Merlinboy
Date Posted: 15 Sep 08 at 1:05pm
9k seems about the price considering it is not produced on mass like topper boats!! I suppose an RS400 is only 8850 before you even ad a trolley!!!!  And look at the price of a new 505 Jesus wept now that is LOADS A Money!


Posted By: G.R.F.
Date Posted: 15 Sep 08 at 1:51pm
I noticed a two year old 505 for sale for 15k+. Now they do have a few
more complications, but I would have thought with all the gizmos the
Alto has, it's a way better deal.

After all, other than the class association what can a 505 do that the Alto

But more important I would have thought, is the question what can the
Alto do that the 505 can't?

I think the RS400 is a great boat as well, but I think the Alto is better.

What I can't quite understand is why it appears to only be me that thinks
all this, very worrying.

I note we've made the website..

Even more worrying.

Posted By: Merlinboy
Date Posted: 15 Sep 08 at 2:06pm

THe Alto should be a succes Grumpf, the problem is people like me dont have the balls to get the cheque book out and buy an un-established class.  So really they need to step up the marketing and get more of them at the big handicap opens such as the tiger trophey, Bloody mary etc etc.  If they sold 30 of them and each and everyone turned up to each alto open event and they managed to get a well repected "dinghy" name sailing one, then people would buy them.  The main reason the laser fleet is so popular is that people like simple big fleet racing.


Posted By: G.R.F.
Date Posted: 15 Sep 08 at 2:29pm
Well you couldn't have chosen a worse time to launch a new product.

Credit crunch, recession looming, banks failing, I worry for them, at least it
appears the guy behind it doesn't need to 'live' from the proceeds, but I
worry that there is or at least there appears to be fewer and fewer folk that
you could consider knowing enough still actively racing at club level, that
would appreciate what it would do.

Still, they are at the Southampton Boat show when lots of others aren't so
that's something.

Posted By: Merlinboy
Date Posted: 15 Sep 08 at 3:13pm
No the economic downturn is not a great time to be launching an expensive "leisure" Product!  Its bad enough at the moment working in the motor industry!!


Posted By: feva sailor
Date Posted: 15 Sep 08 at 5:36pm

its a very good show :)

also expencive


got a rooster shin tech long john and a trapese harnes

Posted By: bluegeorge
Date Posted: 16 Sep 08 at 5:39pm
As someone returning to the sport after 20 years and now with family in tow we thought it really good. It was really ineresting to see how much things have changed. However my husband there was gutted there were no windsurfers (is that a swear word on this forum!!! )  as we were sure there had been when we last went in the 80s. Didn't think price to bad  as kids were free and you can save money booking on line.


Posted By: Captain Morgan
Date Posted: 17 Sep 08 at 12:31pm

I was there on Tuesday. In my view it was pretty much the same as when I went two years ago.

The show itself is very good. From a dinghy point of view, you've got some of the main manufacturers there (Hartley, RS, Laser, Comet, etc. as well as "traditional" dinghy builders - some of which are really nice). But, there isn't much focus on dinghy clothing or hardware. As this show is at the end of the season, most of the stands are selling "this year's" yachty gear... Great if you want a few layers for offshore stuff, but a decent selection of dinghy boots???

As expected, lots of plastic "sunseeker-type" power boats and yachts that all look very similar, but there were some really cool novelties that are worth seeking out! Also, a handful of RIBs that really were stylish (let's sell all of our club safety RIBs and make do with one really snazzy one!?)

Point to note about parking: The council aren't operating a Park & Ride system this year (the field was too wet), but ABP have set up a park & ride from Dock Gate 10, for 10 which is great.

Posted By: G.R.F.
Date Posted: 20 Sep 08 at 10:52am
Well it's the first time I've been, lots to see imho, I didn't see half of it, ran
into old colleagues hadn't seen for years, spent too much time ogling all
the new mods to the Alto, checked out the V3000 the display version
wasn't as nice as Dumb & Dumberers spec'd out boat, nor was the
Phantom as Kewell as TT's, but they seem to be the only game in town
right now, other than a funny little thing called a Rooster Streaker, is that
a kids boat?

Lots of Big boats, stalls, pleasant lunch in the RYA lounge, wish I'd
managed to get there earlier and stayed longer, but I didn't want another
Friday afternoon on the M25 and in the tail end of Operation stack and
had to pick p no 4 daughter from school so had to leave early.

Definitely worth the trip though interestingly fragmented with connecting
bridges, parking not good I traded up in the end being on a time penalty,
as a tip, book a visit to the Sunseeker stand, wear a shirt & tie, get them
to ferry you about in one of their black Range Rovers, then bugger off to
see the rest of the show.

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