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Toy pirate ship sailed from Scotland to Norway

by Dave Baldwin on 8 Sep 2017
Toy pirate ship sailed from Scotland to Norway
Editor's Note: Every now and then something comes across your desk, well screen nowadays, and you just have to run it. Well done to the little ship 'Adventure', the two brothers and their parents for making it all happen. Joyous times await any reader... Bring it on!

Why throw a boring, old bottle into the ocean when you can send your message on a pirate ship instead? That’s what two young Scottish brothers were thinking back in May when they jury-rigged their Playmobil square-rigged ship and launched it into the North Sea. Three months and 400 miles later, the toy vessel’s made it all the way to Norway and is preparing for an epic transatlantic voyage to the Americas.

Ollie and Harry Ferguson, ages eight and five, are currently working their way through a 500-strong bucket list of activities, and they launched the boat, fittingly named Adventure, at the end of May from Peterhead, Scotland. It first struck land in Denmark before later sailing to Sweden and Norway, where it was recovered by a Norwegian conservation vessel. Turns out, the laminated note inside doesn’t say, “Prepare to be boarded!” as one might expect, but instead asks whoever recovers the toy ship to text a picture of it to the phone number provided and then drop it back in the water.

To see more about the tales of this sturdy little vessel and her 'Commanders', please see here

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