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Practical Tid-bits

by Jack and Jude 6 Dec 2017 06:18 UTC 4 December 2017
Large dry storage ‘Breakfast Locker' under the saloon seat amidships © Jack and Jude

On Banyandah, some lockers have names. That makes it easy when one of us asks 'where is?' I also have an Excel spreadsheet of 'Banyandah's stores' which lists all food stored by each locker. Using Ctrl F (find) and the food name saves a huge amount of unnecessary searching.

The image shows our large rectangular 'Breakfast Locker', amidships under the saloon seat. It is perfect for bulk storage. Being low down in the boat, with non-slip mat lining the floor, nothing slides around. Even a rarely used Eski has a home there for storage of flour and grains. The hinging lid, opening athwartships, stays open when underway.

Some advantages of this large central 'Breakfast Locker'.

  1. Open cereal boxes don't need lifting out; we take our breakfast bowls to the locker so there's less spillage at sea.
  2. When making bread, flour is scooped directly from the container with a place to rest a bowl while I do this.
  3. Tall bottles standing upright between the large plastic containers don't clank. Homemade 'bottled' food tucks safely in the corner with sock muffs protecting the glass.
A small 'Cook's Locker,' convenient to the galley under the cook's seat, holds heaps against the hull on carpet with everything inside stored in zip-lock bags. I can still find things quickly in this locker because it's packed with clear zip-lock bags.

Tip. Zip-lock bags are useful for storing dry goods weighing less than 1 kg. Food inside is visible so there's no need to label. The bags lie flat so much more can be stored in a small space and they stay put on my galley bench when in use.

Download more photos and details: Practical Boat Bits and Tips by Jude Binder.

This article has been provided by courtesy of Jack and Jude.

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