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Introducing the new Watt & Sea POD 600 Hydrogenerator at Technical Marine Supplies

by Matt Churchward, TMS 23 Apr 2018 11:00 UTC
Watt & Sea POD 600 Hydrogenerator © Watt & Sea

Product Origins

The first models were introduced in 2008 with the objective of optimal power output associated to a negligible drag, letting the boat sail with a positive energy while loading the batteries. These Hydrogenerators have gone from strength to strength, now into the third generation models.

Watt and Sea's patented design of Hydrogenerators were first designed for short-handed round the world yachts, to supply the power needed without carrying the weight of fuel to run the engine or generator. In the last Vendée Globe Race all bar one were fitted with them.

The success of the range is not limited to racing though, as there are also a number of cruising versions available for bluewater adventurers and long distance sailors alike. The range includes 300 and 600 watt output models and there is a choice of long or short leg versions so, it is easy to find a model to suit almost any boat, monohull or catamaran.

A problem overcome

The newest addition to the Hydrogenerator range, the POD 600 is THE innovating solution for sailing boats unable to fasten a standard sized Hydrogenerator on their transom for technical, mechanical or even aesthetic reasons.

POD 600 can be mounted onto the hull behind the keel, thus removing the visual impact of having a hydro fixed to your transom, getting in the way of swim platforms, self-steering and the like. The model has a relay system that allows it to disengage the generator when the system no longer requires energy, it can produce up to 600W of power.

In the box

The POD 600 is delivered with a 100mm aluminium leg out of the box; and can be installed under the hull of the boat to insure an on-board electrical input with the utmost secrecy, with minimal additional drag, without the requirement to deploy the unit every time you need a power top up, it will happen automatically!

It is delivered with a standard sized 240mm diameter propeller (10 amps at 5.6 knots) the POD 600 is compatible with a range of 4 propellers for a speed range from 3 to 20 knots. The output power increases exponentially over 6 knots, or if the propeller size is increased, a common upgrade where the boat has a slower average cruising speed.

Other out of the box parts include:

  • Converter
  • 1 On/Off relay with swerved connection to the navigation desk
  • 1 bag of connectors
  • 2 pre-assembled plugs
  • 2 fastening rods
  • 2 rubber soles
  • 1 stainless steel back plate
For further information, or to find your local installer or dealer, please contact us.

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