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New sponsor for SailJuice Winter Series: We speak to Seldén's Steve Norbury

by Mark Jardine 14 Sep 2018 13:39 UTC
Simon Lovesey and Steve Norbury at the Selden Sailjuice Winter Series 2018/19 launch © Mark Jardine

We spoke to Steve Norbury, managing director of Seldén Mast in the UK, who are the new sponsors of the SailJuice Winter Series.

Mark Jardine: This is a series you have been competing in for a number of years! What is it about the series which attracts you to take part.

Steve Norbury: To start with, it's the time of year when there's not a lot going on. Some people are thinking about hibernating and watching the telly. It's a series that gets you out; you can put the boat on the trailer and go see all your friends, and have a really good sail. It's great like that.

Mark: Recently you've been competing in the RS Aero class; what is is about that class which you enjoy?

Steve: There are two things. Firstly, at the moment it is quite a young class and everybody's learning, and the people there are quite a lot like me - people who have come back to sailing after it was pushed to the back by kids/career - some of them I haven't seen since my 20s and we're all in same situation, getting back on the water and back to enjoying racing again. Secondly, the Aero is a great boat. When you get in the first time, you think, "This is something special!" It's really easy to sail, really light, really rewarding, and good fun.

Mark: Seldén produce foils and spares for a huge variety of classes, and likewise the SailJuice Winter Series attracts a huge variety of boats. Is that what attracted you to become a title sponsor?

Steve: Yes it is, really. It is our chance to give something back. it's great that it encourages people to get out there and go sailing. We spend so much of our time working with our big OEM customers like RS, Laser and Topper, so the series is a really good time to connect with all the other class we work with: the Merlin sailors, Solo sailors, Phantom sailors, and all the other classes. All those guys love their boats, and it's really good to see them all out there, racing against each other in this series.

Mark: You've been competing to quite a high level in the Aero fleet I see, with an eighth place at the Worlds. Is there any chance you'll be knocking on the door to win the Seldén SailJuice Winter Series trophy?

Steve: Well I doubt that immensely. There are now a lot of Aero sailors who are a lot younger and fitter than I am. If any of those turn up, I might find myself a little bit further down the fleet than I'd like.

Mark: It's great to see Seldén supporting the series, and supporting participating in British sailing. Best of luck for your own competing in the series.

Steve: Thanks very much!

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