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The new addition to enjoying swimming off your boat!

by Ocean Guardian 22 Sep 2018 01:38 UTC
Shortfin mako shark © NOAA Fisheries

Finally, there is a way to protect your loved ones and guests while swimming around your boat. Introducing the Ocean Guardian Boat01, the world's first electrical shark deterrent designed specifically for boats to change your boating experience. Powered by Shark Shield Technology, simply drop your anchor, easily deploy the Boat01 of the back of any vessel and give you and your guests the confidence to jump in without reservation. No more – are there sharks? I'm too scared to go in...

Whether you own a leisure boat, fishing boat or dingy, the Boat01 is powered by Shark Shield Technology, the world's only scientifically proven and independently tested electrical deterrent, and will be available in market from late 2018 / early 2019 with a target RRP starting at $2,499.

So, how far from the boat can you swim? The new model provides a large and powerful protective area for swimming of up to 10 meters in depth and over six meters wide through two user-changeable antenna options, depending on the depth of the water. So now you can customise it to your day out. You can even daisy chain up to five units to build your own virtual net.

The introduction of the Boat01 is set to change the way boaters get out and choose their anchor points. The new technology will not only be great for family days out, but also for those working in the water providing reassurance for them and their loved ones at home.

Ocean Guardian Boat01 Key Features:

  • Powered by proven existing Shark Shield Technology
  • Deploy off any vessel, beach, private jetty, fish farm or in aquaculture
  • Optional mobile phone app control and management through Bluetooth
  • Daisy chain up to five devices together to build a "virtual net"
  • Provides a large and powerful protective safe swimming area up to 10 meters (D)
  • Two user-changeable antenna options, depending on the depth of the water
  • Powered from Lithium battery, 12/24DC or 110/240
  • Solar power accessory for unattended use at beach, lifesaving, boat, jetty, fish farms, etc.
  • Navigation light and stainless steel threaded dive flag holder standard
  • Available in two colours, safety buoy yellow and silver grey
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