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Operation Albacore III concludes

by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society 5 Nov 15:24 UTC
Operation Albacore III Concludes © Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Operation Albacore III has come to a close. The third season of Albacore saw our ship, the MV Bob Barker, return to the waters of Gabon and São Tomé and Príncipe in order to patrol and protect from illegal fishing.

During the course of the campaign, Gabonese marines, inspectors from the Fisheries Enforcement Agency, and rangers with the National Agency of National Parks were stationed on board. Sea Shepherd assisted these authorities in the arrest of 4 vessels found to be engaged in illegal activity. Three were caught poaching within protected areas, and one was also discovered to be fishing without a license.

The fourth vessel was a Spanish-linked long-line fishing vessel that was found solely filled with sharks and shark fins, despite being licensed to fish for tuna and similar species. The majority of the sharks on board were blue sharks, which are classified as ‘near-threatened’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Although Operation Albacore III concludes with the departure of the Bob Barker from Gabonese waters, Sea Shepherd is committed to continue working with Gabon and other regional partners to defend, conserve and protect the Gulf of Guinea from illegal and destructive fishing practices.

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