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VI South Club Night - Vaka Motu: In the Wake of the Ancestors

by Bluewater Cruising Association 13 Nov 13:50 UTC 20 November 2018
VI South Club Night - Vaka Motu: In the Wake of the Ancestors © Bluewater Cruising Association

A thousand years ago the sea was a dangerous place. Long before Europeans had ventured onto the open ocean, Polynesian navigators without maps or compass were successfully piloting their catamarans over vast distances.

Described by Wade Davis of National Geographic as one of the great achievements of the human mind, the story of how they did it and the cultural revival it inspired is as incredible as it is beautiful.

  • Royal Victoria Yacht Club - Main Lounge
  • 20 Nov 2018 1900h - 2200h
  • Members $5 / Non-Members $10
  • Peter McMartin

In a once-in-a-lifetime experience, Lorne Perry joined the crew of a "vaka" bound for Aotearoa (New Zealand) some 3,500 kilometres distant. He would learn to raise the sails, navigate by wind, stars and swells, and survive a storm at sea. On the first day as they sailed away, an exasperated voice in the back of his head was saying, "My god, you've really done it this time!"

Lorne's presentation includes videos with footage of the traditional catamarans in rough seas to really give a sense of the journey.

He has also planned an audience participation activity where we will use a simple, old navigational tool to find the ancient guiding star for Hawaii.

Please join BCA in welcoming Lorne Perry at our November club night for his tale of a truly unique and fascinating journey!

This article has been provided by the courtesy of Bluewater Cruising Association.

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