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Anchorages around Penang, Malaysia

by Jennifer Rouse of AHOY Penang 2 Feb 11:59 UTC
Islands en route. Penang - Langkawi Race. Raja Muda Selangor International Regatta 2016. © Guy Nowell / RMSIR

Batu Urban Public Marina (05 degrees 21" 3' N 100 degrees 19" 0' E)

  • At the northern end of Jerejak Island and north of Queensbay Mall.
  • Anchor at 05 degrees 19" 428' E 100 degrees 21" 032' N - 0.5nm outside the marina.
  • May only be used for a maximum of 24 hours and you must advise Jabatan Laut in advance of your intention to anchor there.
  • The marina currently has berths available at RM2 per day per mtr, fresh water available Rm2 per 10ltr.
  • For a berth, or approval to anchor for 24 hours contact: .
  • Shore access is via the marina – limited dinghy space at the southern-most pontoon.
Fisherman's Wharf Anchorage
  • Aka McDonalds Anchorage with a view of the Golden Arches ashore!
  • The security gate at the jetty is currently locked at 5pm daily (I am working with the Fisheries Department to gain all-hours access).
  • Very convenient location just south of Georgetown off the expressway.
  • A large, lively food court, (pork and beer!), at the jetty and a waterfront promenade with many shops, restaurants, Starbucks/McDonalds etc.
  • A small but comprehensive industrial area to explore with potential for engineering, mechanical, parts, etc.
  • Fishermen's Wharf locked gate ashore is at 05 degrees 23" 654' N 100 degrees 19" 603' E.
  • Fishermen's Marina area seaward entrance is at 05 degrees 23" 608' N 100 degrees 176" 19" 668' E.
  • Suggested anchorage is just to the west of a 600 mtr. line between the following two positions: 05 degrees 23" 623' N 100 degrees 19" 753' E and 05 degrees 23" 850' N 100 degrees 20" 000' E.
Junk Anchorage (05 degrees 24" 64' N 100 degrees 20" 58' E)
  • Just off the Clan Jetties.
  • A very busy but vibrant location right in Georgetown.
  • The Chew Jetty no longer encourages dinghies to be left there but they do operate a water taxi – call Mrs. Chew 019 415 9391 or Mr. Sun 016 433 7624 – Rm5 per person each way.
Straits Quay Marina and Anchorage (05 degrees 27" 5' N 100 degrees 18" 9' E)
  • Very convenient location with a short walk to 3 major supermarkets, dentists, restaurants, bars. performing arts theatre
  • Easy transport options to Georgetown and the Gurney Drive Malls such as GRAB or the Penang free bus service.
  • There is a great deal of reclamation and dredging currently under way in this area.
  • Boats are welcome to use the facilities in the marina – showers, toilets, and laundry facilities.
  • Security gate access cards are available at the marina office with a refundable deposit of Rm50.
  • For the latest advice re berths, rates, anchoring, and access for dinghies contact the Marina Office - John Ferguson, Marina Manager - 012 311 6058 or .
The above information is as up to date as possible and provided as a courtesy, but as anchorages in Penang are a work in progress, things can and will change. Thanks to Cecilie MV TigerLily, and Paul SV Osborne Star, and Elizabeth Coleman for your valuable assistance and contribution.

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