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Jeanne Socrates on board Nereida passing Cape Leeuwin today - Third Great Cape on nonstop sail RTW

by Jeanne Socrates 14 Apr 06:45 UTC
Jeanne Socrates © S/V Nereida

At the time of writing, S/V 'Nereida' is within 12 miles of passing Sth of Cape Leeuwin, SW Australia, on our way around the world nonstop, unassisted, in my attempt to become the oldest person to do so single-handed (at 76 years old).

I passed Cape Horn (S.America) just before Christmas and the Capes of Good Hope and Agulhas (S. Africa) mid-February.

My sail around the world is in support of the great work done by the RNLI (Lifeboats) - see link for donations on my Home website page.

See my website, (or phone +8816 3101 3826 to talk direct) for more information/details on my journey so far.

Daily blogs are being posted and my position is constantly being updated in several different ways - see links on website Home and/or Travels tabs.

Rough weather is expected again, over the coming week, as Nereida heads towards Tasmania with seas to 8m/27ft and wind gusts to 55kt forecast. Hopefully, not so bad that I'll need to deploy my Jordan Series Drogue (for the second time) to stay safe while the system passes by...

My progress has been slowed by several things:

  • A damaged mainsail which I'm finally getting near to finishing repairing (has had to be done on deck, which has proved very difficult)
  • Having had to sail back west at one point to be sure of avoiding a cyclone on my path,
  • Frequent High pressure systems with very light winds (but sometimes enabling my mainsail repair to go ahead)
All these in addition to frequently heaving to so as to avoid the worst of the Southern Ocean storms on my way to and from Cape Horn. Getting to S. Africa from Cape Horn took a lot longer because of so much stormy weather in the S. Atlantic than the last time I made the same nonstop RTW voyage (in 2012-13).

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