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Ewincher – The First Genuine Electric Winch Handle

by Jon Kimberley 13 May 23:43 UTC

Ewincher is a power-assisted handle that makes winching so much easier.

It's designed to perfectly assist sailing manoeuvres without altering your natural movements. Increase your power and speed with very limited effort while maintaining an ideal position.

The Ewincher is a real alternative to Electric winches.

  • Cheaper than a single electric winch
  • Provides full assistance on all your winches
  • Ewincher is a "Plug-and-play" solution, it doesn't require any work on your boat
  • Ewincher's variable speed allows for precise manoeuvres not like an Electric winch with just an on/off button

The Ewincher is compact weighing only 2.2kg and is 10" long, like a standard winch handle.

It features three modes of operation:

  • Assisted: Ewincher works for you in the ideal position
  • Manual: Works just like a standard winch handle
  • Combined: Add your speed to the 80rpm of the Ewincher for a speed greater than 140rpm
The Ewincher has a highly efficient brushless motor and gearing system that enables it to constantly deliver 210 Watts of useful energy. By contrast, a crew member in very good shape can deliver at most 200 watts for only one minute.

Sailing with an Ewincher is like having a powerful, tireless crew member on board.

Ewincher has a highly efficient 25V lithium-ion battery with a battery life more than enough for a full days sailing. It only takes 90 minutes to recharge on 12v or 240v.

The Ewincher can withstand heavy seas and has a locking system to keep it safely on the winch and its own winch handle pocket when its being stored.

Ewincher is the first connected electric winch handle.

Using the Ewincher App, you can adjust the maximum operating power and torque delivered. All sailors will therefore be able to adjust the handle according to their strength or the level of effort they require. Ewincher is so powerful that all users will be able to find the appropriate settings for them. It can also be set to an intermediate level to suit everyone.

For more information visit the Any Port Marine website via

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