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Definitive guide to flotilla sailing in the Greek Islands from

by Becky Addison, Sailing Holidays 6 Jun 11:00 UTC
Flotilla sailing in the Greek Islands with © Sailing Holidays

When you decide to set sail to the Greek Islands on a Sailing Holidays flotilla, one of the first questions we will ask (amongst others) is "where would you like to sail?". This guide should hopefully help set you on the right course...

We run flotilla sailing holidays in three areas of the Greek Islands; the Ionian, Saronic and Sporades Islands. Each of these different sailing grounds have different characteristics and hold their own unique charm.

Before we get to the sailing areas, there are some key points that you should consider before deciding where to explore on your summer sailing trip. We would recommend thinking about the following:

  1. Yours and your crews previous sailing experience - we do not require our sailors to hold any formal qualifications, but we will take this into consideration when recommending certain flotilla routes. We would always suggest you sail to the ability of your least experienced crew member. You want to make sure that everyone onboard has an enjoyable (and relaxing) holiday.

  2. How long would you like to sail for - we offer two week flotillas in all of our sailing areas but our one week flotillas are only available in the Ionian Islands. So, duration is key.

  3. What is the makeup of your crew - if you have young children on board you may wish to sail in an area with more relaxed winds and shorter hops between ports. Another top tip is to ask our Sails Crew what the makeup of the flotilla is looking like. We have found that kids really enjoy having children of similar ages on the same route, so our team are happy to advise ages of families already booked.

  4. How many people will be sailing - this will determine what size yacht you need. We will take your experience into consideration when it comes to yacht size, but we also want to make sure that you are comfortable! We have two, three, four and five cabin yachts available on our flotillas and we can accommodate up to 10 people on board our larger yachts. Having said that, most of our flotilla yachts are designed for 2 6 people.

So, lets get down to the islands themselves...

Our flotilla sailing areas are generally designed for you to sail through them on an experience basis. Meaning that the Ionian is our most relaxed sailing area, the Saronic Islands are the next step up and then the Sporades Islands is our most lively flotilla route.

Flotilla sailing in the Greek Islands with - photo © Sailing Holidays

Click below to read our full Greek Islands Area Guide...

Greek Islands Area Guide

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