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Barz Optics launches unique sunglass style

by Kevin Barr 19 Jun 2019 22:48 UTC
Barz Optics sunglass © Barz Optics

Barz Optics the Gold Coast based sunglass manufacturer have just released another unique sunglass style onto the world market.

The Kiama model - Floats due to built in buoyancy within the non slip nose piece and temples of the frame.

The Kiama frame is available in two versions both of which float in salt or fresh water.

1) Fitted with normal sunglass temples.
2) Fitted with temples that accommodate an adjustable back strap which turns them into a sunglass / goggle.

Making the sunglass / goggle ideal for many uses where there is a need for sunglasses to stay put on the wearers head.

  • Open ocean, cat and dinghy sailing.
  • kite surfing.
  • sailboarding.
  • surfing and bodyboarding.
  • Jet skiing.
  • High speed boating.
  • Ocean kayaking or surf ski paddling.
  • Jet ski or kayak fishing in the ocean.

The sunglass nose piece is hollow and made from a soft non slip material. It allows the glasses to sit away from the face hence reduces the chance of the lens fogging. It also acts as a safety buffer if the wearer is hit in the face with a boom etc.

The Kiama frame is available with either grey or amber polarised lenses.

Limited RX Prescription lenses can be fitted into both frames.

The Kiama is supplied with a neoprene case, safety leash and micro fibre cleaning cloth.

If you require further information please do not hesitate to contact me by phone or email.

More information at

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