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Circumnavigating the Americas on Novara

by Daria Blackwell 28 Jun 2019 11:36 UTC

Rambler Award-winning adventure sailor Steve Brown departed Camden in the summer of 2014, sailed around the Americas via the Northwest Passage and Antarctica, climbed a few mountains along the way, and returned to Camden 5 years later. After a fast trip up from Cuba, Novara completed the circumnavigation of the Americas on the 10th of June. They were welcomed by many friends in Camden, acquired mostly during months living in Camden while Novara underwent extensive improvements.

Novara, is a 60-foot aluminium-hulled yacht built in Holland. She was extensively refitted at the former Lyman-Morse yard, now Lyman-Morse at Wayfarer. The yacht is uniquely equipped for such a rugged passage and features an unusual aero rig, in a two-masted schooner configuration.

Steve spoke at the Camden Yacht Club on June 21 as part of the club's popular "Sunset Seminars." He spoke about his remarkable sailing adventures and climbing experiences, including scaling mountains in several countries and Antarctica, all illustrated with high-quality photography and videography. His adventure was motivated by the exploits of famous British deep-sea sailor and mountaineer, William (Bill) Tillman, a World War II hero who ultimately perished at sea in 1977. Happily, Steve has survived to tell his extraordinary stories.

Novara is now alongside at Lyman-Morse at Wayfarer. Steve and his wife Trish are UK citizens, living part of the year near the French Alps. They plan to leave Maine at the end of July to head back to the UK via Halifax and St. John's.

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