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Jeanne Socrates (76) about to cross Equator back into Northern Hemisphere - Party time on 'Nereida'!

by Jeanne Socrates 23 Jul 05:36 UTC
Jeanne Socrates © S/V Nereida

Jeanne Socrates (76) - expected to cross Equator back into Northern Hemisphere (on Day 293):

  • Second nonstop sail around the world is nearing completion, despite many setbacks, a lot of damage to 'Nereida' (from stormy weather and a knockdown) and taking a lot longer than last time - over two months longer!
  • Crossed Equator on 4th November 2018 on way South towards Cape Horn (having left Victoria, B.C., on 3rd October)
  • Rounded Cape Horn on 18th December 2018 ('in company' with Uku of the GGR)
  • Passed S of Cape of Good Hope on 13th February 2019, after delayed by several storms in Southern Ocean and major damage to mainsail
  • Passed S of Cape Leeuwin, Australia, on 13th April 2019, after avoiding cyclone in Indian Ocean
  • Rounded SE Cape of Tasmania on 3rd May 2019, after two major storms in Gt Australian Bight
  • Knockdown on 14th May 2019, on way to New Zealand's S. Cape (on Stewart Island) - decided to continue on despite resulting damage
  • Finally rounded New Zealand's S. Cape on 23rd May 2019 after making repairs and diverting N to avoid another S.Ocean storm soon after knockdown
On completion, back in Victoria, B.C., Canada (expected in late August), will have achieved goal of becoming oldest person to circumnavigate solo, nonstop, unassisted at age 77 yrs old.

Already has world record as oldest female (70) to circumnavigate solo, nonstop, unassisted (October 2012 - July 2013) and is the only woman to have sailed solo around the world, nonstop & unassisted, from N. America.

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