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Barz Optics seeking distributors in the UK, France and US markets

by Barz Optics 5 Sep 11:00 UTC
Barz Optics sunglasses © Barz Optics

Barz Optics, the Australian manufacturer of Barz sunglasses and optical products, is seeking an established distributor for their unique and award winning products into the Marine, Sailing, Jet Ski, Fishing, Sailboarding, Kite surfing, Kayaking, SUP and Surfing markets in the UK, France and the USA.

Barz Optics produces a range of floating frames fitted with a wide variety of lens types, including polarised, polarised photochromic, polarised with polarised readers, polarised with non polarised readers and polarised photochromic with readers.

Barz offer a wide range of price points for their high quality optical products.

Further information can be obtained from Kevin Barr, email

Find out more about Barz Optics products at

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