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VI Mid-Island Club Night - What was I thinking? Adventures of a Woman Sailing Solo

by Bluewater Cruising Association 8 Oct 14:32 UTC
46 ft cutter-rigged, 50,000 lb steel boat Precious Metal © Pamela Bendall

Since 2008, Pamela has sailed her 46 ft cutter-rigged, 50,000 lb steel boat Precious Metal mostly solo from British Columbia down the US coast, throughout Mexico, Central and South America - and as far as Peru.

Find out what Pamela was thinking during her solo voyages, and the challenges that she faced having been hit by lightning 200 miles offshore, losing her steering off the coast of Panama, and many more exciting adventures on the high seas. You will also be able to share her enjoyment exploring the cultures of Central and South America, get practical tips for offshore cruising, learn the importance of proper maintenance protocol, and how to navigate the bureaucracies as well as the seas! Pamela is living proof that challenges can be met and that wonderful experiences make it all worthwhile.

Doors open at 7:00 pm and presentation will begin at 7:30 pm. Bar will be open - come early to enjoy conversation and camaraderie.

  • Nanaimo Yacht Club
  • 17 Oct 2019 1930h - 2200h
  • Members $5 / Non-Members $10
Presenters' Background

Formerly a successful stock broker, Pamela has now sailed over 200,000 ocean miles including the Marblehead Race (Boston to Halifax), Victoria-Maui Race and was chairperson for the Vic-Maui for a number of years before heading offshore. After obtaining her Captain's License, Pamela owned and operated Precious Yacht Charters in the northern Great Bear Rainforest, and then followed her passion of offshore adventures commencing in 2008.

Pamela is the author of two sailing-related books: Kids for Sail, and more recently What Was I Thinking? Adventures of a Woman Sailing Solo - with nearly 4000 copies sold. She teaches Marine Maintenance courses and seminars relating to preparations for sailing offshore. Pamela will have her latest book available for purchase and signing.

This article has been provided by the courtesy of Bluewater Cruising Association.

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