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X-Yachts introduces two new Pure X models

by X-Yachts 23 Jan 12:17 UTC

At the annual press meeting of X-Yachts at the Boot in Düsseldorf this Monday, X-Yachts introduced two new "Pure X" models in the oven - a 56 and a 60 footer.

The actual launch of the first of them, the X56, is planned for November this year, so it will be a tested before the world debut presentation, which will be at the Boot Dusseldorf in January 2021.

The history of X-Yachts

Over the past 40 years, X-Yachts has developed 60 yacht models and built approximately 6000 of them. X-Yachts has a very strong heritage, as suppliers of some of the most winning production yachts, winning six times the ¾ Ton Cup, twice the One Ton Cup and many other races. X-Yachts has also built more than 1000 One Design Class Yachts.

The Xcuising range

In 2008, X-Yachts first dedicated cruising range was introduced, named the Xcruising range following the demands from a maturing audience. Two of the Xcruising models so far has won awards for winning the prestigious "European Boat of the Year".

The Xperformance range

In 2011 that led to the development of a "Hi Tech" cruiser/racer range, with the name Xperformance. The Xp range saw the introduction of carbon fibre and epoxy infusion for both hull and hull structure. Xperformance models are today amongst the most winning cruiser-racers all over the world.

The Pure X Range

In 2017 it was time once again to think new, as the need for a hybrid combining the best from Xcruising and Xperformance clearly was expressed by the market. The new Pure X range's philosophy is to integrate the advanced build technology from the Xperformance range and combine it with the best features from the Xcruising range.

Pure X hulls maximise on the fact, that more than 80% of preferred cruising courses are reaching. Powerful hull lines is good to have all round, and especially ideal for reaching and downhill, but it also maximises the interior volume, enabling more accommodation comfort in the cabins. This is what today's clients want.

In 2020, the Pure X range consists of the X40, X43, X46, X49 and X65.

As expressed by chief designer and co-founder, Niels Jeppesen: "Having developed the X40 in 2019, it was an easy decision for X-Yachts to decide to meet the markets' request to fill the gap between X49 and X65".

Superior Sailing Pleasure

has been our focus for over 40 Years. We constantly try to improve our designs, build technology and details. It is not only about performance, but very much making sure, that the family and crew feel safe on board. If the helmsman struggles, when windspeed unexpectedly increases, the family will get scared. For that reason is it important, that the stability is high, and that a large part comes from the low centre of gravity keel.

One of the advantages using vacuum infused epoxy and carbon fibre, is to save weight. The weight-saving is added to the keel weight lead bulb, lowering the centre of gravity, maintaining a moderate displacement.

The new X56

Rudder control and feel are also highly important for Superior Sailing Pleasure. The new X56 has a wide stern section, maximising theoretical hull speed and hull volume for the built-in dinghy garage. That has made us go for a twin rudder blade solution this time.

To avoid compromising safety, two individual steering systems are part of a very comprehensive technical standard specification, as well as we offer retractable stern- and bow thrusters to maximise manoeuvrability under engine. There is room under the side deck to accommodate an electrically operated gangway, if a foldable carbon gangway isn't specified.

To facilitate launch and recovery of a 3m RIB fitted with a 10 HP outboard engine, weighing up to 130 kgs, we have designed and engineered an electrically operated swing arm, which is able to position the RIB in the transverse garage. This feature enables us to avoid penetrating the aftmost structural bulkhead, maximise safety as well as interior space in the two aft cabins.

A centre pushpit bench with space for a 8 person liferaft, maximises safety and comfort, a cockpit table with centre storage as well as 2 detachable helmsman seats are all part of many custom options available.

The large three frame spray hood, can be stored including the canvas fitted in the flush deck recess, covered by rigid deck covers. Now, the deck covers will be held by hinges and locked down by lock fittings. This will improve the handling.

The remaining deck features are developed over many years and will be optimized to perfection to achieve our ambitious goal "Ease of use".

Ease of use

The sail plan of the X56 is

  • Easy to manage, but yet a performance-oriented sail plan.
  • Almost 100 m2 of main sail and a 60 m2 self-tacking jib as standard.
  • The mast comes as standard as a 3-spreader aluminum mast with discontinued rod rigging.
  • Carbon mast with slightly higher P-measurement is available as option.

Our dedication to ease of use also means a high focus on making sail handling easy.

  • Especially for short-handed sailing, easy sail handling is paramount.
  • The X56 come as standard with a self-tacking jib track recessed into the front of the coachroof.
  • With the optional inner forestay selected, a furling heavy weather jib from that stay can be sheeted to the self-tacking track.
  • And a furling 106% overlapping jib on the standard headstay can be sheeted on the optional longitudinal genoa tracks on the coachroof.
  • All sheets nicely lead back under deck to winches close to the helming position.
  • Forward of the headstay furler there is enough space for an electric or hydraulic Code 0 furler, and from the end of the carbon bowsprit you can fly a furling genacker.

The cockpit sports a four winch lay out, with the winches positioned close to the helm. Halyards and lines are led back to clutches recessed into the cockpit coaming also bringing them close to the helm.

  • Standard is a single point german main sheet system.
  • As an option: a hidden recessed main sheet traveller system electrically operated.
  • Or you can choose a main sheet pod with a 5th winch dedicated for the main sheet. Easy to reach from the helm and freeing up clutches for more lines to be lead back to the coaming winches.
  • As a new feature we have introduced an S-curved bow extension. Bow top blends in very nicely with the carbon bow sprit that comes as standard.
  • The S-curved bow enables the bow sprit to be supported further forward, which enables an extended bow sprit for more efficient asymmetric spinnaker sailing.

It enables the position of the headstay as well as the Code 0 furler to move approx. 15 cm further forward, which will increase the performance of the boat under most conditions.

The S-curved bow also enables us to locate the anchor roller and anchor, approx. 25 cm further forward, which will minimize the risk of the anchor damaging the gel coat surface of the bow.

When it comes to main sail handling, more and more of X-Yachts clients are opting for furling booms, either manually or electrically operated.

We will be offering various options in this regard to add to the ease of use experience with this yacht.

The interior

The interior of the X56 as you will see in the brochure in the press packages:

  • Will come in eight alternative interior layouts
  • Each available in three different stylings AND these stylings will each be available in three different types of veneers

X56 Price: An X56 - ready to sail - can be acquired at the sum of €895,000 (excl of VAT). The price of the first four models built will be €850,000.

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