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Virtual Education: Nautical Knots with a Difference

by Bluewater Cruising Association 18 May 2020 19:17 UTC
Seven most common knots on board a yacht © Bluewater Cruising Association

Zoom On-Line Course
09 Jun 2020 19:00h - 21:00h
Members $35 / Non-Members $50 Kit Griffin

Kit Griffin, an experienced climber, sailor and commercial diver, will take you through some basic and unusual knots during this two hour session. Some of the knots that will be covered include: Munter Hitch, Water Bowline, as well as other more familiar knots, with a twist. It is not only important to know how, but also why and where to use knots. Also, if you know knots and you'd like to share, you are welcome to participate.

To participate you must have about a metre of line of 5mm (no more than 20mm diameter) and a broom handle or something similar to "tie" your hitches to.

(Christopher) "Kit" Griffin is a retired adventure equipment consultant and photographer living in Vancouver, Canada. Fifteen years at MEC and twenty years with The BC Mountaineering Club did not cure him from enjoying the outdoors.

Kit lived and travelled across Australia from Sydney's north beaches to Queensland's Gold Coast and to Western Australia's north. However his Canadian connection is from his childhood in Bamfield as his grandfather (and father) worked for Cable and Wireless until the Cable Station closed in 1959. He credits his family and Bamfield for his deep affection for the ocean, diving, and his sailing from a family friend in Fiji who put him on "Sabot" at the age of 11.

Please Note: This is a Zoom meeting. The address for connection to the course will be sent via email once registered. You do not need Zoom software to participate.

More information and register here.

This article has been provided by the courtesy of Bluewater Cruising Association.

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