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Announcing the winners of the OCC Art Competition

by Simon Currin 16 Aug 06:46 UTC

Organised to raise morale during pandemic times, this low key competition has elicited some fantastic contributions.

I am delighted to announce the results of the OCC Art Competition. The judges were impressed by the breadth of talent and the creativity of our members. All of the entries can be seen in the online gallery on the OCC website, and we have created a slide show of the entries. The judges have tried their best to choose their favourites, which I am sure was no easy task. Very many thanks to Anne Hammick and Emily Winter who organised the contest, to the anonymous judges, to all of the contributors, and congratulations to the winners.

The winners:

  • Ist The Chase by Steven Dews
  • 2nd Festa da Sardinha by Shannon Morrelli
  • = 3rd Approaching a Safe Haven by Jo Winter
  • = 3rd The lonely sea and the sky by Chris Jones
Highly commended:
  • Marina Mirror by Sarah Smith
  • Gannets near Brazil by Frank McCarthy
  • Stella in Iles de Glenan by Mary Phypers
A year ago we ran an OCC photographic competition and the slide show of all the entries can be viewed here.

Quick Links:

  • Art Competition 2020 Gallery

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