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A fine entry


The latest cruising news from the Northern Hemisphere and the world.
 04 Jul 2017

A fine entry

A fine entry indeed - Beneteau Oceanis 51.1 by Berret Racoupeau  Beneteau
Yes. A bow does seem like a perfect place to start. It is the pointy end, after all, and a lot can be determined by looking closely at the stem. Now the bow of the new Beneteau Oceanis 51.1 by Berret Racoupeau is absolutely a case in point. It has a distinct step like a lot of fast cruising cats, and this means bigger volume and less wetted surface area for the same LOA.

The chine now resides in the bow, not the stern, to set up the overall shape. A quick look at the sharp bit on both Comanche (VPLP/Verdier), and also Rambler 88 (Juan Kouyoumdjian), will show their interpretations. Of course their interest in volume has nothing to do with accommodations down below and is far more about form stability, getting the bow out and up, and not being driven around by their large tail ends.

We have spoken before in these miscellaneous ramblings about the crossover, both ways mind you, between racing and cruising sailing. Lazy Jacks, once the sole preserve of cruising boats, are now totally de rigueur on some of the quickest machines on the planet. Furlers that existed only for cruisers now have homes on Volvo Ocean 65s and many more. Long prodders, which got even longer and longer, were on everything from IRC Optimised TP52s to superyachts (old and new), and now they are just as home on cruising boats, which also carry Code Zeros and A-Sails, once solely the domain of heavily crewed express boats.

Back to the Oceanis 51.1 for a minute, and the racy binnacles and composite wheels (on some models) make her look very bit an ocean racer. Also, having all the running rigging heading back into the helm area, just like an Open 60, are further tips into the mindset that created these boats. Now bearing in mind the preceding paragraph, the latter is a very good thing, because it means operating the boat short-handed is going to be a dream, and possibly nearly as easy as the Dock and Go joystick is for getting in and out of your pen (slip).

Beneteau Oceanis 51.1  Beneteau

Some of the guiding lights may well be summed up in one of Beneteau's own paragraphs, which said, “We capitalised on our experiences with the First (Farr) and the Figaro (VPLP), which are boats that are more focused on racing. We brought their values into the heart of a cruising yacht. From bow to stem, indoors and on deck, at anchor and at sail, the Oceanis 51.1 is elegant, smart, comfortable and performs majestically.”

I will be meeting with Beneteau's Gianguido Girotti (G3 as he often gets introduced as) next month, and am very much looking to get deeper into this, as well as many other items. It will also be good to see one of these in the flesh as soon as is practicable, for it certainly is a very interesting bow section, and not just because of the form it has taken...

So if all that is a fine entry, then a fitting close would have to be lifejackets and the emergency services who come out get you. Cruisers often have some of the best on board practices because they know how vulnerable they are, and one of the best ways not to have to deal with an issue is to not be involved in it in the first place.

We see a lot of material come in about people on kayaks heading out without any PFD, let alone actually wearing it. Some even do not bother to tell authorities where they are going, or that they made it back to land safely. We publish some of the material, not all, and we as a boating media group do try to actively promote safety at sea.

So why talk about it here, when cruisers are not really the ones at fault? Well partially it may be just to vent, but maybe we can all do a little bit to promote active safety measures, which thereby means the very services we all rely on, should it go more than a little awry, are available immediately and not looking after more than they should. It is akin to the ambulance service being called to go and put a band-aid on someone, and that does happen!

A Journey Through the Norwegian Arctic onboard Sailing Yacht Barba  B&G

OK. Rant over. In this newsletter you will find that we have tales for you about an honest-to-goodness cruising vessel in ‘China Girl', the ARC, cruising to the Big Apple, The Bridge, extraordinary carvings, a massive Swan, Norway's Arctic regions, Tahiti, Denmark, Jon Sanders, cockpit shades, Oregon, Atlantic Crossing (and it is not a Rod Stewart album), the Fourth of July (not just a Tom Cruise film either), large cats, tall ships in Boston, as well as much more.

So you see, there are tales, lessons, inspirations and history to regale yourself with. Please do enjoy... We're really enjoying bringing you the best stories from all over the globe. Remember too, if you want to see what is happening in the other Hemisphere, go to the top and the drag down menu, select the other half of the globe and, voila, it's all there for you.

Now then, are you out there plying the seas and got something to say? We'd love to hear from you via – In the meantime, do you love being on the ocean? Well remember to love them back too. They need our help. Now more than ever! Until next time...

John Curnow

Gabart seals Macif historic victory in New York
The Bridge,
New York, François Gabart loves the city so much he has won there twice. After winning solo last year, Gabart came back with a five-man crew and showed again that in this race of giants Macif is king.... [more]

Race for Water hosts first JPI Oceans scientists in Bermuda
Race For Water,
From the reception for Mr. Mickael Dunkley, Prime Minister of Bermuda, to the reunion with many of the committed people from the island that the Race for Water Foundation met in 2015 during the first Odyssey, this first stopover was notable for some great new encounters.... [more]

'China Girl' sailing adventures
Bluewater Cruising Yachts,
'China Girl' was launched in July 2015 for a family of four. She is a three cabin layout with forward king sized bed, twin heads, B&G electronics, Finscan touch screen technology (which the kids can operate better than the parents!), 4 TVs, internet, heater, washing machine, workshop, fridge/freezer with extra drawer fridge, wine storage, liquor cabinet, lithium battery... [more]

ARC Portugal 2017 draws to an end
World Cruising,
On Friday the ARC Portugal fleet completed their final leg from Sines to Lagos. Departing early in the morning it was an incredible spectacle as the sun started to rise over the hill tops of Sinnes and the horizon was scattered with cruising chutes and spinnakers. A strong northerly breeze stayed with the fleet for their 75nm passage and once again the fleet were able to sail in the company of dol... [more]

Chesapeake Bay to New York City – Just cruising
SV Crystal Blues,
We departed the city mooring field in beautiful Annapolis on Monday morning, heading north up Chesapeake Bay. The bay narrowed as we moved north, and we found ourselves surrounded by beautiful wooded countryside and rolling farmland, a sea of green.... [more]

2017 ARC Portugal - Sunny Sines
World Cruising,
On Wednesday morning the ARC Portugal fleet gathered on the start line in Oeiras ready for their 50nm passage down to Sines. After one of the best sailing legs of the whole trip, the fleet were all in good spirits, having really enjoyed a fast 50-mile sail down the coast from Oeiras.... [more]

Adventure across the Atlantic-
Jo Roberts, Hyde Sails,
Who doesn't love a good adventure... with stories of storms, icebergs and a few new underwater friends Hyde Sails Own Label Manager Luke Yeates and his fiancée Jessie Zevalkink are currently crossing the Atlantic Ocean.... [more]

Queen Mary 2 arrives in New York to win The Bridge –Centennial Transat
The Bridge,
Anna Boissier, born Sentman, was raised in Fawn Grove, a small town of 500 people in Pennsylvania. She studied in France and later married a Frenchman – Alexis, the son of the family she had stayed with in Paris. She is 42 and has spent 21 years living in France, now, in Issy-les-Moulineaux, a southwestern suburb of Paris.... [more]

Cruising in Casco Bay – Portland and so much more
Peter Janssen,
Finally, I realized what a lot of people already knew. Casco Bay is a great cruising destination in itself, dotted with islands, beaches, old forts, and inns with big porches and bigger views, and still open to the possibility of a dinner ashore in Portland or breakfast at Becky's Diner. But I know I've still barely scratched the surface.... [more]

2017 ARC Portugal - Celebrations go off with a bang in Oeiras
World Cruising,
The rally arrived into Oeiras on Sunday afternoon with Grey Goose first, shortly followed by WikiWiki. After a drizzly start to the day the fleet were welcomed by blue skies and sunshine. An impromptu pontoon party was held for crew member Paul from yacht Milla to celebrate his birthday. The fleet also celebrated Garrys from Arcarius birthday the following day.... [more]

UK Coastguard helicopter makes 500 mile mercy dash to rescue yachtsman
Maritime and Coastguard Agency-UK,
The UK Coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Newquay made an incredible 530 mile round trip yesterday to rescue a desperately unwell yachtsman 203nm west south west from the Isles of the Scilly, in rough seas in the Atlantic sea. The yacht crew used their satellite phone to declare their Mayday to the Coastguard reporting that one of their crew needed urgent medical assistance.... [more]

Beneteau Oceanis 51.1 – The power of new generation
Although the high level of sea-keeping and comfort that forged the reputation of this leading range is still present, Beneteau has turned their racing performances to advantage, to enhance the Oceanis 51.1... [more]

Recreational Boating Safety - By Ed Huntsman, USCG Eighth District
Ed Huntsman / Eighth Coast Guard District,
Even on a warm and sunny day a sudden and unexpected fall into cold water for as little as 30 minutes can result in hypothermia - and if you're not wearing a life jacket can even lead to a life-threatening situation in as little as three to five minutes.... [more]

UK Coastguard coordinated long range rescue off Yemen coast
Maritime and Coastguard Agency,
Multiple commercial vessels nearby responded to the original Mayday call and made their way to the tanker, which had sunk in gale force eight winds and five metres swells. Commercial vessels recovered 12 of the 14 crew, who were wearing life jackets and immersion suits, from the water.... [more]

Swan 95 LOT99 preview at Cannes Yachting Festival and Monaco Yacht Show
Nautor's Swan,
The new Swan 95 LOT99 is a versatile, high performance yacht that combines superior cruising capabilities with the inimitable style and quality Nautor's Swan is renowned for. Cutting-edge hull lines in elegant forms, sporting luxury and timeless class, such as only Frers and Nautor together know how.... [more]

Ancasta scoops the Best Global Sailboat Dealer Award 2017
Alison Willis,
Ancasta was awarded 2017 Best Dealer Sailing Yachts at the annual Beneteau Dealer Awards last night, 27th June 2017, which were held in Bordeaux, France.... [more]

A Journey Through the Norwegian Arctic on Board Sailing Yacht Barba
Gemma Davies,
Led by marine biologist, Andreas B. Heide, and manned by a multinational crew, Barba set sail from Norwegian city, Stavanger, and headed to the outer archipelago of the Tromso region.... [more]

Business in Tahiti
Andrew and Clare,
We watched from our boat a thousand Polynesians participate in a canoe race which took a number of hours to complete. A thousand canoeists coming towards us look like ants on the water. But close up we could see the muscles in their arms, shoulders and back working hard; very fit people and lovely to watch.... [more]

Cruising through Denmark
SV Taipan,
Laboe to Sonderberg was just 35 miles in perfect conditions. The sea was flat and sun shining. A very snug little anchorage just south west of the city provided a good stopover. With marina prices in the AU$40 range we would just as soon anchor if the opportunity presents. We've still to recommission our 13 year old Mercury 15hp outboard and the new dingy hasn't had a wetting yet.... [more]

ARC Portugal - Pit stop in Peniche
World Cruising,
At 0800 on Saturday morning the fleet left Figueira da Foz. Due to light winds the majority of the rally motored over the start line, however after about an hour of motoring a sea breeze kicked in and this stayed with the fleet all the way down to Peniche. This resulted in a great days sailing for all yachts with many of the participants claiming it to be “The best sail we've had”.... [more]

Coast Guard suspend search for a possible person in water off Plymouth
U.S. Coast Guard 1st District Northeast,
The Coast Guard suspended the search for a possible person in the water, Monday in Plymouth Harbor. A local fisherman originally spotted an overturned, unmarked 10-foot lime green kayak with a paddle at about 4 a.m. and reported it to watch standers at Coast Guard Sector Boston.... [more]

More boaters on the water for July 4th holiday
In a recent survey of more than a half million BoatUS members, 88 percent of respondents say they are “very-to-extremely likely” to go boating during the 2017 July Fourth holiday period... [more]

Newport Charter Yacht Show – Lasting impressions
Barby MacGowan,
The show, owned and managed by Newport Shipyard, took place on the company's 10-acre waterfront facility for its second consecutive year over June 19-23 and was conclusively “bigger and better.”... [more]

Coast Guard authorities search for a person in the water off Plymouth
Coast Guard First District Northeast,
The Coast Guard is searching for a possible person in the water Monday after an overturned kayak was spotted off Duxbury Pier Light (Bug Light), in Plymouth Harbor, Massachusetts. A local fisherman spotted an overturned, unmarked 10-foot lime green kayak with a paddle at about 4 a.m. and reported it to watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Boston.... [more]

Twenty-two years on, we return to Annapolis
SV Crystal Blues,
Way-back in 1995 Ley and I visited Annapolis, playing the tourists while on a business trip to the United States. We were busy running a growing business, but we dreamed of sailing and cruising to places exactly like this. Two years later we purchased Crystal Blues and the dream became a reality.... [more]

Balance 526 Galileo arrives in Tortola and sets sail North
The Multihull Company,
Phil Berman was fortunate in June this year to be able to meet up with Eric and Sari Boutiette and their crew in Soper's Hole, Tortola, during their pit stop before heading to Florida and then on to Maine. While they had to endure some very, very light winds for much of the trip from Cape Town, Galileo performed to expectations and arrived in Tortola with just a few minor things to sort.... [more]

Southern hospitality
SV Crystal Blues,
Here in Virginia, we've been blessed by southern hospitality - on arrival we were hosted by family friends (thanks Lael and Katherine!) who have a dock in beautiful Horne Harbor, a small tributary of the Great Wicomico River. Horne Harbour is a recognised Hurricane Hole, with steep forested banks plus a few homes peeking through the forest on the ridges above.... [more]

Possibly more hurricanes on East Coast this season
Peter Janssen,
For named storms affecting the east coast of the U.S., the predictions range from a low of 10 to a high of 17. For hurricanes, the range is from six to 10; for major hurricanes, the range is from one to four.... [more]

ARC Portugal - Sunny days in Figueira da Foz
World Cruising,
The fleet arrived in to Figueira da Foz on Thursday night; after a slow start from Porto the afternoon breeze kicked in and boats reported a great day's sailing. Once safely moored up the fleet wandered up the pontoon to the marina restaurant where they were treated to unlimited sardines cooked on the BBQ, much enjoyed by all.... [more]

ARC Portugal - Port wine, Tuk Tuks and fish-
World Cruising,
The ARC Portugal rally fleet began arriving at the Douro Marina from midday on Tuesday after the short leg from Povoa da Varzim; light winds meant the fleet mostly motored from port to port. The first group was greeted by TukTuks at the Marina entrance, the TukTuk tour consisted of two different parts.... [more]

Tall ships return to Boston
Bob Shaffer/WBUR,
Saturday marked the first time in 17 years that Boston Harbor saw the Grand Parade of Sail, with more than 50 sailing vessels streaming through the harbor's main channel as they made their way to assigned docks.... [more]

First Balance 760 arrives in Tortola from Cape Town
The Multihull Company,
Whether you look at her designer, Anton Du Toit, or her builder, Mark Delany, or to Southern Spars, or to the guys over at Ullman, or to the careful oversight and passion of her project manager, Peter Dean (former owner of Dean Catamarans) - it takes a village of skilled craftsman to create something this special.... [more]

Twenty-second blog from Jon Sanders - Starved for any news of world
Jon Sanders,
When Magellan entered the Pacific from the Straight that bears his name it was pleasingly calm. He named the Pacific. 'Pacific'. Anything but. (So it can be). Except today, yesterday and probably tomorrow. Frustrating. No not at all. Quiet gentle wind 7/8 knots sometimes 9/10. Paul Stratfold has routed me into the west going current.... [more]

USA - EPA enforcing compliance on yachts imported into the USA
Noah D.,,
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is stepping up enforcement on all yachts imported into the United States. Foreign-built yachts imported for ownership by a US citizen or for sale in the USA will be required to prove Clean Air Act compliance. This enforcement does not apply to visiting yachts.... [more]

ARC Portugal - Povoa de Varzim
World Cruising,
Yesterday evening the fleet began to arrive in to Clube Naval Povoense in Portugal. Due to a foggy start the rally left in their own time and the leg was non-competitive.Yesterday evening the fleet began to arrive in to Clube Naval Povoense in Portugal. Due to a foggy start the rally left in their own time and the leg was non-competitive... [more]

ARC Portugal - Foggy start from Baiona
World Cruising,
On Sunday 19 June, the ARC Portugal rally participants enjoyed the sunny weather Baiona had to offer during a free day to explore the town. At 1700 the Skippers Briefing took place at the Monte Real Club de Yates which was followed by drinks and starters out on the terrace where the prize giving for both Leg 1 (Plymouth to Falmouth) and Leg 2 (Falmouth to Baiona) took place.... [more]

New cockpit shades - Looking swish again
SV Crystal Blues,
After six months on the hard stand in Trinidad, our cockpit covers were looking kind of shabby and unloved. Almost eight years old, they had seen a lot of use in hot and steamy Asia, plus windy South Africa. Ley purchased 40 meters of fabric in Singapore back in 2011, and over recent years she has sewn new shade covers for the fore deck and the midship area.... [more]

ARC Portugal - Spanish delights
World Cruising,
On Friday the ARC Portugal fleet gathered at Monte Real Club De Yates where they enjoyed sangria and snacks on their terrace that overlooks the marina. Andrew Bishop said a few words to welcome the fleet and thank our host marina. Participants caught up with the last two arrivals Serifina and Chimichanga, who arrived in the early hours of Friday morning.... [more]

USCG home in Maine following 65-day counter narcotics patrol
U.S. Coast Guard 1st District Northeast,
The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Campbell returned to its homeport in Kittery, Maine, Sunday following a two-month counter-drug patrol in the Caribbean Sea and Eastern Pacific Ocean. The 270-foot medium endurance cutter was deployed in support of Joint Interagency Task-Force South (JIATF-S) with the primary mission of interdicting illegal narcotics in the transit zone.... [more]

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