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A world of innovation


The latest cruising news from the Northern Hemisphere and the world.
 15 Sep 2017

A world of innovation

Finally able to see the new Beneteau Oceanis 51.1 hull form at work.  Beneteau
The spate of boat shows after Sydney, then Cannes, Southampton, and across into North America as well, is revealing plenty as usual. The world of technology is forever marching on, as it does, and it is delivering better ways to build, sail, cruise, relax, and then also virtually every other conceivable aspect of life afloat.

Importantly, it is also very much now starting to look environmental impact, from both the initial construction phase, to what we are doing once out in the various locales around the globe, and then ultimately end of life for the vessel. Bring it on! You could also say not a moment too soon... So, not a moment too soon!

A hull form that takes the best of the world's racers and delivers comfort and space for the cruiser.  Beneteau

We've had a fair old look at the design ethos of many of the new armada of craft. One that has grabbed a fair bit of digital space is the new Oceanis 51.1. Having spent time with Beneteau's Mr Product, G3, in–-Pt-I/156620!Pulling_Gs_with_Beneteau!new, it is wonderful to now see the real pics, not just renders of the craft. Here is one yacht unashamedly about getting somewhere smartly, but offering volume, sea kindliness, and a modern ambience as well. As always the proof will be in the pudding, but with production sold out, it does not seem like an issue. Getting your hands one could be, however.

Jeanneau-440-490-cockpit-1 - 538959  Rohan Veal

The same sort of joy appears to await anyone who did not order a Jeanneau 440 or 490 early enough. Innovation here is the walk around deck, and then the fold out cockpit seating that uses the coaming to form the bases of the sun beds. Nice. Yet, it is things like walking through the shrouds straight, not having to turn side on and squeezing through like the hand of the T1000 in Terminator 2 that was holding the gun. The concept may seem low-tech on the face of it, but often they can provide real world solutions that just make things better!

There are other hull and rig features that certainly make it all very interesting, so this pair will be able to hold their heads high at the bar and rattle off a few terms to keep the banter alive and well.

Jeanneau-440-490-side decks and cockpit  Rohan Veal

Bavaria has signed on with Navico, (B&G for sail and Simrad for power) for the navigation and engine management systems for their top end C57, C65 and R55 vessels, respectively. As the mighty iPhone marks its 10th year of revolutionising the way we operate, the new level of tech gear is incredible for not only what it does, but also the way in which it does it.

It is not the amount of information, or the GUI that presents it all to you. It is the combination that is almost insane, when compared with what you thought was possible but a few years ago. Soon we will be flicking, dragging, and expanding all manner of things in the control of the entire vessel, possibly holographically. It was Glenn Ashby's job to use the X-Box-esque controller to look after the wing and other items in the last AC. That stuff won't just disappear; it simply needs someone to pay for the commercialisation... Don't believe me, well Photoshop stemmed from Star Wars, and now the use of the term in relation to alterations to pictures has passed into common parlance without nary a blip on the radar of life.

I also loved the line from Michael Schmidt Yachtbau about the modern lines and lightweight construction of their new Y/7. “Following their ‘keep it simple' principal, MSY has created a 70-foot yacht that a family can sail by themselves...” Wow. Back in the day a pocket maxi needed a crew of about 16 or 18 to pull that trick off, so again, it shows what can be achieved when the wand of technology gets waved over a project.

Unmanned ships - you bet!  

Yet in the end it was the ghost ships that got me going. We had seen designs for unmanned ships that tow passive arrays for sub hunting, do seismological reports, but now cargo is in the frame. Sure, it's a way off, but the pic with an LNG bulk carrier UNV (unmanned nautical vessel) raised my eyebrows. One of them goes bang and you won't be worried about a despot at the top of a wee peninsula. The damage from the burn will definitely be Armageddon, and not the film version, but the biblical reference.

Today you will find that we have tales for you about sailors of all different kinds, instruments, family friendly ‘races' if you need an excuse to get somewhere, really cool instruments (are they that anymore, or more like windows to the world?), and Bavaria are going to use B&G exclusively, AIS, the Beneteau Cup for those in the Southern Hemisphere, apparel, Hurricane Season has indeed been that with Harvey, then Irma and now José have all become household names, the 100th Nautitech Open 40, a wee ship, some expanding foam and a bit of ballast and we're off (of sorts), cruising destinations like Marblehead, and Polynesia, as well as much more.

Te Mana in Tuamotos   Voyage of Te Mana

So you see, there are tales, lessons, inspirations and history to regale yourself with. Please do enjoy... We're really enjoying bringing you the best stories from all over the globe. Remember too, if you want to see what is happening in the other Hemisphere, go to the top and the drag down menu, select the other half of the globe and, voila, it's all there for you.

Now then, are you out there plying the seas and got something to say? We'd love to hear from you via please email us.

In the meantime, do you love being on the ocean? Well remember to love them back too. They need our help. Now more than ever! Until next time...

John Curnow

Unmanned 'ghost' ships are coming
Christian Matthews,
The headline alone is more than enough to grab you by the hair an really open your eyes! In a way, what was one to expect? We already have talk of UAVs (Drones) delivering your next pizza, and YouTube has videos of them doing some fairly amazing things, so ships had to be next. We already have plans for cable laying, surveying and raft of other things being taken care of by 'ghost ships'...... [more]

Portrait of a Cruiser – Selim Yalcin and Nadire Berker,
The fifth in noonsite's “Portrait of a Cruiser” series, this month we are profiling a Turkish couple who threw off their professional city life in Istanbul for a five year circumnavigation living a simple life, bound only by the rules of nature. Selim and Nadire continue to live on board with a second circumnavigation in the planning.... [more]

Hurricane Jose - Everything we know,
Hurricane Jose is making a looping path in the western Atlantic Ocean this week, and it's now unlikely Jose will ever become a threat to the U.S. East Coast or the Bahamas. Jose is currently located about 495 miles northeast of the southeastern Bahamas and is moving southeast.... [more]

Navico and Bavaria Yachts announce new partnership
Gemma Davies / Navico,
The highly acclaimed Bavaria C57 which launched in January 2017, and the all new Bavaria C65 are fitted exclusively with B&G Zeus³ multifunction chartplotters. Zeus³ launched at the end of 2016 and features the new SolarMAX™ HD screen, offering the brightest and clearest display on the market... [more]

CCA Paper on AIS is free to all boaters
Jan Harley,
The Cruising Club of America (CCA), in its continuing efforts to aid mariners who are passionate about offshore sailing, has published a paper on how to choose and install an Automatic Identification System (AIS). The paper is available to all boaters, at no charge, via PDF download from the CCA website.... [more]

Coast Guard Cutter Tahoma returns to homeport from the Caribbean
U.S. Coast Guard 1st District Northeast,
Coast Guard Cutter Tahoma and her crew of 100 returns Sunday to their moorings at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery, Maine after a 62-day patrol conducting counter drug operations in the Caribbean Sea. Tahoma visited Mayport, FL; Oranjestad, Aruba; and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.... [more]

Hurricane Jose to meander in the Atlantic this week,
Hurricane Jose will make a looping path in the western Atlantic Ocean this week, generating high surf and rip currents that will affect parts of the U.S. East Coast and the northeast Caribbean.... [more]

A back story easily worth a bottle of red
SV Te Mana,
Nick and Jess from SV Te Mana are new. New to this site, and new to cruising too! We are really thankful to them for speaking with us about using their great material, the back catalogue of which is below. So if you are lucking enough to be dangling over the water in the tropics in your hammock, or have to just visualise it as you have a nice red, then tuck into their tale of inspiration...... [more]

Hurricane Irma - ARC Caribbean 1500 and ARC Bahamas in BVI and Bahamas
World Cruising,
Hurricane Irma has left a trail of destruction across the northern Leeward Islands, including the British Virgin Islands and is now crossing the Bahamas and expected to hit Florida this weekend. The storm is the strongest to hit the region since records began, and early reports are that lives have been lost and damage to property has been significant.... [more]

Zhik Kiama coat for winter watersports – Waterproof inside and out
The waterproof, breathable lightweight shell on the inside, as well as the outer, means the jacket can go on over damp shore jackets and wet sailing gear, preventing chilling between races or when rigging and de-rigging in a cold boat park.... [more]

New England based CG cutter, air crews deploy for Hurricane Irma
U.S. Coast Guard 1st District Northeast,
A Newport, Rhode Island Coast Guard cutter crew, and three air crews from Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod deployed in support of anticipated Hurricane Irma rescue and recovery operations. Sunday, the crew aboard Coast Guard Cutter Oak loaded the cutter's buoy deck and cargo hold with nearly 137,000 pounds of aids-to-navigation gear including buoy chain, sinkers, and other items for use after Irma... [more]

Help for victims of Hurricane Irma
Daria Blackwell OCC and,
Swaths of the Caribbean have been utterly devastated by Irma. The biggest storm in the Atlantic for a decade has affected 450,000, and for example. Barbuda is of course a sovereign State, so it will be getting no direct help from a larger country. Reports of looting, rioting and pillaging are also coming in.... [more]

Marblehead, Mass – A boating haven with a rich history
Peter Janssen,
With its harbor protected by a deep peninsula, Marblehead was soon a thriving fishing village in its own right, and the locals were so successful that it was said that the streets smelled of cod.... [more]

Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 production sold out in three weeks-
Rohan Veal,
Before the prototypes have even been displayed at a boat show anywhere in the world, the sensational new Sun Odyssey 440 has sold out the entire first year's planned production in no less than three weeks! Luckily three boats were reserved for Australian customers and all three have already been sold!... [more]

Nautitech 40 Open number 100 sails across the Atlantic
Bavaria Yachtbau,
Sailing across the Atlantic and enjoying the heavenly waters of the Caribbean in a Nautitech 40 Open. A French couple and their three children are about to make this dream come true. And their voyage has already had a very auspicious start. At the beginning of August, the new owners took over the hundredth Nautitech 40 Open in Rochefort...... [more]

Michael Schmidt Yachtbau announces the Y/7 - a fast 70-foot cruiser
Michael Schmidt Yachtbau,
Following their ‘keep it simple' principal, MSY has created a 70-foot yacht that a family can sail by themselves, yet is also perfect when manned by a small crew. Due to its modern lines and lightweight construction, the Y/7 shows great sailing performance.... [more]

How cruisers can assist victims of Irma,
Daria Blackwell, the Rear Commodore of the Ocean Cruising Club, reached out and asked for help spreading the word. Firstly, absolutely! Secondly, thank you for asking, as we are always glad to assist. Daria commented, 'We've been getting a lot of queries from members and beyond about what they can do to help the victims of Irma.... [more]

Toy pirate ship sailed from Scotland to Norway
Dave Baldwin,
Why throw a boring, old bottle into the ocean when you can send your message on a pirate ship instead? That's what two young Scottish brothers were thinking back in May when they jury-rigged their Playmobil square-rigged ship and launched it into the North Sea.... [more]

Coast Guard provides tips to boaters in preparation for Hurricane Irma
Katherine Pyne,
The United States Coast Guard urges everyone to monitor Hurricane Irma and make early preparations to protect themselves and their boats. Securing boats prior to landfall of a hurricane is one of the first steps to prepare. Mariners should take precautions to ensure their personal safety should a storm or hurricane approach.... [more]

Classic fun at Birdham Pool Marina on a sunny September weekend
Linda at Castle Marinas,
Helped by the lovely weather, hundreds of people came along for a chance to view the many classic boats, cars and motorbikes on display. Entertainment consisted of a local choir; various bands and a solo saxophonist.... [more]

Coast Guard seasonal Station Scituate to close for winter
Coast Guard First District Northeast,
The unit closes each year due to reduced boating traffic during the fall and winter. Station Point Allerton, its parent command, will assume duty for all responses in the area.... [more]

BandG launches new Vulcan Family
Luke Reilly,
B&G®, the world's leading sailing navigation and instrument specialist, is pleased to announce the launch of the new Vulcan family of sailing chartplotters. The updated and extended series now offers a fully refreshed 7”, a 9” and an all-new, large-format 12”; all with Broadband Radar™ compatibility.... [more]

Tuamotus tales
SV Te Mana,
Nick of course has no such trouble with his French passport. But I have to say there couldn't possibly be friendlier custom police in the world ... the above all transpired with a genuine Polynesian smile and a ‘don't worry, this happens all the time, how much longer do you need to stay to get your boat ready to leave?... [more]

Are we sailors yet-
SV Te Mana,
Nine days and four hours at sea. Done. Dusted. Or perhaps I should say salt encrusted. For us with our limited sailing experience, that's quite a long time.... [more]

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