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Bring on the changes


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 25 Jul 2017

Bring on the changes

Underway with the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 - Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440  Bertrand Duquenne
Perhaps the most important aspect of all that is that whilst the journey remains important from both a pleasure and safety point of view, the key focus is now clearly on enjoyment of the precious time you get at any particular anchorage. One of the main elements there is that weather forecasting and routing are now more accurate and reliable, and when coupled with faster vessels, passage planning is made easier, and of course, way faster.

Recently, Jeanneau announced the latest arrivals to their very popular Sun Odyssey range. Trends started not that long ago, like distinct chines, and voluminous hull forms continue to evolve. Others made their mark more recently, but now become even more obvious. A bit like Star Trek, space has become the final frontier, and whilst light, airy and spacious offerings down below might have been around for two product generations now, today we start to see that very ethos being applied to above decks.

Privilege Series 5 sailing shipyard  Steve Yeatts

Yes the multihulls created this paradigm, but the application into the monohulls had to allow for both the ambience and the aesthetic to be combined with points of sailing. In this way, the monohull created a different offering to the multis, no matter whether it was to be for salties or newbies. Naturally, this is essential, so that the differentiation was clear and marked, and not only reflected in the number of hulls or the size of the pen (slip).

One of the first things to occur was the essential running rigging coming back to powered winches just in front of the binnacles. Having everything in hands' reach was a lesson well learned from the solo sailors, and makes short-handed cruising a blissful experience. Running them inside removed finger issues smartly, so that non-sailors could sit in the cockpit with ease, comfort, and almost nary a worry.

So the new Sun Odysseys had to then add more, and the walk around decks, dare we say like a powerboat really, meant no stepping up and over, which all aids safety. Again, this is a boon for cruisers, and anyone who has had to hoist a MOB back up on board via a halyard will testify to that. Today, the swim platform makes it a lot easier, but of course, it is one of those problems best not have in the first place.

Coamings fold out to make for massive lounge areas in the cockpit. - Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440  Bertrand Duquenne

Having the D1s inboard, and the V1s on the gunwale also makes for clearer and safer passage up to fantasyland, as well as providing for good handholds on the way. Back in the cockpit, and the coamings that fold out to make grand, luxurious lounges of the cockpit seating look awesome. Of course, for those who live in UV devastating areas, the way the dodger and Bimini now combine to offer shade will be an interesting development.

All in all, these Jeanneau's set up a good way for the monohull to stay fresh and exciting, as cats continue to steal the show somewhat. Now speaking of shows, the one in Sydney looms large, and of course, there'll be plenty to look at, which is just great. Everything seems to be getting bigger, no matter whether it is one lump or two, and we will be sure to investigate first hand, all that we can.

It is also very good to have Mission Océan on the pages after a wee spell to get their new-to-them boat back to continental Europe. There will be more soon from them and a bit after that, the grand, three-year expedition will begin. Well done to Laura and Henrique for getting it to this point. Smashing job, and the tales that are to come will no doubt be both inspirational and informative.

The crew minutes before departure   Mission Océan

OK. Back to the business of newsletters, and this time you will find that we have tales for you about Jon Sanders, the scourge of the oceans – plastics, East Coast USA, Race for Water, the British Virgin Islands, official notices, the ARC, Sunfish, derelict vessels, Tahiti, new boats, shows, Scandinavia, Hamilton Island, Cheeki Rafiki, Confederation in Canada, eco disasters, rescues, as well as much more.

So you see, there are tales, lessons, inspirations and history to regale yourself with. Please do enjoy... We're really enjoying bringing you the best stories from all over the globe. Remember too, if you want to see what is happening in the other Hemisphere, go to the top and the drag down menu, select the other half of the globe and, voila, it's all there for you.

Now then, are you out there plying the seas and got something to say? We'd love to hear from you via – In the meantime, do you love being on the ocean? Well remember to love them back too. They need our help. Now more than ever! Until next time...

John Curnow

Race for Water vessel and her crew make landfall in Cuba
Race For Water,
Thirteen days of sailing disrupted by a series of overly frequent encounters with plastic waste floating on the surface of the water according to the crew.... [more]

Newport Rhode Island, social cruising continues...
SV Crystal Blues,
After a relaxed 50 mile passage we sailed into Newport, Rhode Island, arriving on schedule for a much anticipated dinner date. Coming into the harbor we dodged beautiful schooners and even more beautiful 12 Meter Americas Cup boats, all carrying passengers on commercial harbor cruises. Newport just oozes sailing tradition, money and tourists.... [more]

Maiden voyage for Mission Océan
Mission Ocean,
Mission Ocean has sailed for the first time on the catamaran that is destined to become our HQ, a platform for oceanographic research, a center of learning to raise awareness of marine pollution, and also our home for the next three years.... [more]

Insider's guide to the best of the BVI - Keep this list-
Peter Janssen,
Like many cruising people, I've been to the British Virgin Islands many times, and I think I know my way around. Well, turns out I was just getting started. I found plenty of new places on this insider's guide to the best of the BVI from someone who grew up and still lives there, and I can't wait to go back to try some of them out.... [more]

ARC Baltic 2017 - Welcome to sunny but windy Visby-
World Cruising,
On the second Leg of the ARC Baltic, the 24 boats left Ronne on Friday 14th of July in the early morning for a 200NM passage to Gotland, Visby harbour. After a day and overnight sail, the first boat Marevida arrived in Visby on Saturday morning followed by the rest of the fleet in the afternoon. The boats were berthed alongside main wall into town only few minutes' walk from the historical centre.... [more]

The Great New England Social Cruise - Part 2
SV Crystal Blues,
Leaving Norwalk, we motor sailed against a 25 knot north easterly wind to reach shelter in New Haven, Connecticut. Once again, this was a slightly disappointing harbor destination, however it did allow us to stage our way to the North East along Long Island Sound, in quite poor weather. Life looked better the next day when we arrived at the village of Noank... [more]

2017 World ARC - Goodbye Vanuatu- Hello Coral Sea-
World Cruising,
Thank you to the Yachting World Marina for hosting a very special stay in Port Vila, Vanuatu. The World ARC fleet set off this morning at 10:00 am for Leg 7, destination Mackay, Australia. Vanuatu is an island paradise and the picture perfect setting did not disappoint this morning. Sea turtles even came to bid farewell to the fleet!... [more]

The four-year treasure hunt for the hoodwinker sunfish
Marianne Nyegaard/The Conversation,
Sunfish are famous for looking odd. They are the largest bony fish in the world, can grow to over 3 metres in length, weigh up to 2 tonnes, and look a little bit like a suitcase with wings.... [more]

Very social cruising in New England
SV Crystal Blues,
Since leaving New York City our cruising life has become extremely social. An unplanned series of connections somehow linked up, to create a cruise through beautiful New England like no other. We started with a visit to the New York Athletic Club Yacht Club, at Travers Island, Pelham, just north east of the city.... [more]

Abandoned and derelict vessels in Florida and the Caribbean
NOAA Fisheries,
In this region, which boasts both beautiful weather and waters, a high number of recreational and commercial boaters unfortunately equals a high number of ADVs.... [more]

Fun and games in Island of Moorea
Andrew and Clare / Freedom and Adventure,
We had a fun week on the beautiful Island of Moorea meeting many new Cruisers before the eighty odd boats participating in the Pacific Puddle Jump continued on to New Zealand and Australia. Fortunately for us our very good Dutch friends Martin and Ellen are staying in French Polynesia for a while. We are enjoying their company sharing meals, drinks and activities.... [more]

August Rendezvous – 150th Anniversary of Confederation
Bluewater Cruising Association,
This year, the BCA peeps get together to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Confederation! So, think Canada Day, think red and white and dress up your boat in the most Canadian fashion – there will be a prize for the best decorated boat in the bay!... [more]

Twenty-fifth blog from Jon Sanders - Eggs and Sydney to Hobart Race
Jon Sanders,
Island regions affect wind strengths. Often beginning several hundreds of miles distant. Generally less wind - up wind or down wind.... [more]

Twenty-fourth blog from Jon - Taina Marina and Oyster World Rally
Jon Sanders,
Hon. Ian Campbell former Australian Senator and Federal Minister has an Oyster 68 ft single mast yacht. It is said and one believes, more material (not to forget etc.) goes into these stock production cruising yachts to stand the ocean rigours. UK built.... [more]

Tracking mysterious oil in New Bedford Harbor
Nicole J. Groll,
Home to Massachusetts' historic whaling fleet and the largest fishing fleet in the country, New Bedford is also a popular New England tourist destination. Visitors pour in each year to sample the local seafood and enjoy the historic waterfront. However, in recent times, the seaside sights along the harbor have been marred by the unwelcomed and distinct color palette of oil sheens on the water.... [more]

New Jeanneau Sun Odyssey vessels added to the range
Jeanneau Australia,
Since their launch the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey range has sold over 17,000 yachts. Now we are excited to introduce to you the new generation, the Sun Odyssey 440 and the Sun Odyssey 490. This new generation of sailboats is clearly high performance utilising multiple advance in design and technology to better enhance your quality of life at sea... [more]

Sweden and another canal
SV Taipan,
Helsingor to Varborg was a 70nm sail in reasonable conditions. Varborg marina was unremarkable but at least we managed to find an alongside mooring. Another pay machine! Away again in the morning to Goteborg. This proved a much longer leg than predicted as the wind switched to a “noserley” with velocity and we ended up doing more miles than predicted.... [more]

World ARC arrives in Port Vila, Efate
World Cruising,
Colorfully dressed, the World ARC Fleet has made a grand entrance to the Yachting World Marina in Port Vila on the Island of Efate in Vanuatu. Yesterday the participants enjoyed a full day tour around the island and today half the fleet is exploring the underwater life in a scuba dive excursion.... [more]

Cheeki Rafiki - Douglas Innes to face retrial over manslaughter
The Director of Stormforce Coaching, the company that ran Cheeki Rafiki, is set to face retrial for manslaughter over the deaths of the four crew. They were 700nm from Nova Scotia, returning to Southampton after racing in Antigua when the keel feel off. It is said that previous groundings had weakened the keel bolts....... [more]

World ARC gift ceremony in Tanna
World Cruising,
What a wonderful day in Port Resolution! On Thursday morning the World ARC fleet gathered at Port Resolution Yacht Club and took a short stroll into the local village to visit the Primary School. Even before the school was in sight, the glorious sounds of children singing rang through the air.... [more]

ARC Baltic - Welcome to sunny Bornholm
World Cruising,
Sailing on the first Leg of the ARC Baltic from Warnemunde in Germany the 24 boats arrived in Ronne Harbour in Bornholm after 110NM of a wet and windy passage.... [more]

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