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Squared Away


The latest cruising news from the Northern Hemisphere and the world.
 12 Oct 2017

Squared Away

Perini Navi 60m S/Y Seven  Perini Navi
Right. It's been a while. Sorry about that. Between a bad hurricane season and other items, like keeping the website up to date, this newsletter got delayed, and then delayed again. Now that we're all squared away and rigged for sea, it is time to get into the goings on of the world of cruising, and there has been plenty...

Now 3.3% might not sound like much, but as a growth rate for the worldwide charter market for the next decade, it actually says a lot. By the end, the material indicates that the market value will be USD637m, with Europe still the dominant player – by far!

FMI - Yacht Charter Market  Pradnya Kulkarni

Yes, it is on the back of technological innovation, with more to come, and the ever-expanding demand for multihulls with their space and stable ride. However, there is also the actual offering, in terms of service, and these have all combined to get new people into sailing, and that means eventually for some into buying. True, the majority is still for the grey nomads, but fractional ownership and this burgeoning charter industry that can assist/support ownership whilst newbies skill up are increasingly important factors.

I saw recently that one liveaboard produced his average monthly spend as $3-3.5k per month, with bad months being close to double that. Clearly one needs a budget and funding source, so keeping the dollars in before you step aboard full time does sound like quite the plan, and it is one that Multihull Central have been developing and embellishing through Brent Vaughan's book, SEAbbatical, and the subsequent seminar series.

Additionally, there are more and more Millenniums and the like opting out of traditional lives and home ownership for times at sea. It might not be forever, or for that long, but the point is that options exist now, that were just not there before. Not the least of which is an expanding armada of used vessels to choose from. A classic example of this is our new friends from SV Te Mana. If you have not read their material on the site, then please do, for it is inspirational, picturesque and quite capable of transportation to another place.

Alas, when you boil it all down it means all the nooks and crannies are just going to get more and more popular. For a while now I have been dedicated to seeing Australia's Cape York Peninsula, and each time I go there are more doing it, and the volumes in the camping grounds, watering holes and anchorages all reflect this. When you can get wild Barramundi and Spanish Mackerel as the staples at the Fish and Chip Shop in Cooktown, well why wouldn't you?

West end of Paraquita Bay, Tortola half way through Irma. Back side of eye yet to pass.  Glenn Ashmore

But we digress a little, yet not too far, for the picture of the charter fleet in Tortola after the hurricane shows just how many craft are out and about (well those ones no longer, sadly and unfortunately) and then in addition to volume, you have sheer physical size. The launch of the third 60m Perini Navi, Seven, and the re-working of the marina at Port Douglas to handle larger vessels are harbingers of the scale of craft now plying the seas. Once upon a time, 40 feet was a big boat, now 40m is not exactly unusual. Wow.

So it was brilliant to receive the first of Rosemary Sanderson's pieces, this one about the Octopus Islands. What an engaging tale, with charming imagery and the ability to show cool climate cruising off so well. Our thanks to her, and also a keen interest to see what she produces next. Inside all of that is a note that you too can provide your material like Rosemary, Ocean Crusaders, Crystal Blues and Taipan for our global, Sail-World Cruising audience.

Voyage from Vancouver to the Broughtons  Rosemary Sanderson

Ultimately then, our thanks, and I am sure all those of the entire entire cruising world, to the many who have banded together to assist in the Caribbean. We acknowledge and appreciate you in the one sentence. The feedback sent in has been wonderful. If any of you have a story to tell or images you want to get out, then please email us and we will make it happen.

Today you will find that we have tales for you about aid for the Caribbean, clearing immigration in Panama, taking the family on a multi-year jaunt around the globe, special offers for new Jeanneaus, pop up stores from Musto, the World ARC, Marinas getting accredited, doing repairs and makeovers, Tahiti, avoiding hurricanes, the Oyster Regatta sponsored by Pantaenius, The Whitsundays, Jon Sanders, rescues and safety, boats of all kinds on display at shows, Lisa Blair, Jon Sanders, warm winds, no wind, cleaning up the shores, racking up the miles, running aground, whales, manatees and turtles, Baha Ha Ha, Sawlty Dog, as well as much more.

A celebration of a unique formula on Day 4 - Oyster Regatta Palma 2017  Martinez Studio

So you see, there are tales, lessons, inspirations and history to regale yourself with. Please do savour... We're really enjoying bringing you the best stories from all over the globe. Remember too, if you want to see what is happening in the other Hemisphere, go to the top and the drag down menu, select the other half of the globe and, voila, it's all there for you.

Now then, are you out there plying the seas and got something to say? We'd love to hear from you via please email us

In the meantime, do you love being on the ocean? Well remember to love them back too. They need our help. Now more than ever! Until next time...

John Curnow

Sensational discovery - Oldest depiction of a boat found in Norway
This summer, a between 10,000 and 11,000 years old rock carving showing a boat was found at Valle by the Efjord in Nordland county, Northern Norway. Now it turns out that the discovery is sensational because this probably is the world's oldest depiction of a vessel.... [more]

Boating couple has visited 49 countries
Bernie Delinski,
On July 4, 2007, newly retired Ed and Sue Kelly declared their independence from land-bound living. 'We decided back in 2007 that we wanted to just live aboard a boat,' Ed Kelly said. 'I had been a lawyer and Sue had been a nurse practitioner, and we decided we were going to embrace our retirements. We decided we wanted to cruise and be explorers.'... [more]

Trinidad cruisers collected aid for Dominica onto FOX FIRE II
Sarah Smith,
Storage and help moving the aid was provided by PowerBoats. Bryn and Sarah Smith were there to help. Jesse James marked up boxes of aid for Dominica as they came in to be stowed.... [more]

Update – Vessel aground at Margate
Maritime and Coastguard Agency,
At 2.20pm the Maritime and Coastguard Agency reported that the Islay Trader had been successfully re-floated at high water with the aid of a tug, and towed to deeper water.... [more]

Panama - Backward step for immigration
Sue Richards,,
Feedback from a number of land-based and cruiser sources in Panama, indicates that a backward step in Immigration Regulations was initiated by the Colon Branch of Immigration in September.... [more]

Family of four redefines 'Quality Time' by sailing the world together
Taylor Pittman,
In January 2015, the Nance family ? Phil, Aimee, their 14-year-old daughter Jessica and their 12-year-old daughter Emma ? set sail together to explore the world. In a span of almost three years, the family has given a new meaning to “spending quality time together” by sailing across a massive ocean, swimming with whales, hiking active volcanoes and more.... [more]

False killer whales in the Hawaii Islands – Video
Joseph Bennington-Castro,
NOAA Fisheries works with various partners to promote marine species conservation. This includes establishing a False Killer Whale Take Reduction Team to address the incidental serious injury and death of Hawai‘i's false killer whales in longline fisheries.... [more]

Green sea turtles in Hawaii, by the numbers
NOAA Fisheries,
This summer, the field biologists started monitoring sea turtles in May and worked tirelessly for four months (usually at night) to count nests, tag nesting females, and count how many hatchlings emerge from nests.... [more]

Stranded beluga whale calf safely transported to the ASLC,
The calf was first spotted from a helicopter by a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Office of Law Enforcement (NOAA OLE) Enforcement Officer and Department of Public Safety / Alaska Wildlife Troopers Pilot returning from a patrol in trooper helicopter 'Helo 3.”... [more]

ASAMM field dispatch – Bowhead whale calves in the Alaskan Arctic
Janet Clarke,
Some of these assessments require specialized photography methods that ASAMM is not able to incorporate into survey protocol, but many of the assessments directly benefit from data collected by ASAMM.... [more]

Bavaria Yachts at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis
From the fifth – ninth of October 2017 sailors from around the globe gather on miles of docks in beautiful historic Annapolis for the 2017 United States Sailboat Show. BAVARIA YACHTS will present the Cruiser 34, Cruiser 37 and Cruiser 51, the Vision 42 and the new Nautitech 46 Open catamaran.... [more]

Coast Guard monitors recovery of sunken boat in Boston Harbor
Coast Guard First District Northeast,
A Coast Guard pollution response team is overseeing the recovery of the 65-foot workboat King Triton Thursday after it sank at its mooring Tuesday morning in Boston Harbor. No people were aboard at the time of the sinking and no pollution has been observed.... [more]

Musto Pop-up Store at the Cronulla Sailing Club this weekend
Musto Australia,
Get your Musto Offshore, Inshore, Footwear and End of lines This Weekend - seventh and Oct 8th.... [more]

Coast Guard rescues entangled sea turtle off Cuttyhunk Island
U.S. Coast Guard 1st District Northeast,
The Coast Guard rescued an entangled sea turtle Sunday after it got tangled in a lobster pot off Cuttyhunk Island. A fisherman contacted Coast Guard Station Menemsha around 12:30 p.m., reporting the distressed turtle. A 29-foot response boat crew from Station Menemsha launched with a member from the Massachusetts Department of Natural Resources. They arrived on scene and freed the animal.... [more]

World ARC 2017-18 in Cocos Keeling
World Cruising,
After leaving Christmas Island, World ARC crews are now in Cocos Keeling, well rested and prepared for their next adventures. Following a relatively short stopover in Christmas Island World ARC fleet have now arrived in their next paradise, the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, a tiny group of coral islands that form two atolls with only two of the 27 islands inhabited.... [more]

Avoiding Hurricane Maria, working on electrics
SV Crystal Blues,
Back in Reedville, Virginia, we secured ourselves to the dock just two days before Hurricane Maria was scheduled to touch the coast south of here. Fortunately she lost some of her 'oomph' and stayed well to the south, so we only saw winds of 20 knots or so and little rain.... [more]

Beautiful Bora Bora
Andrew and Clare / Freedom and Adventure,
We always enjoy Huahine as it has much to offer with peaceful anchorages, clear water, good snorkelling, nice restaurants and in the main town of Fare, a comprehensive Supermarket supported by a daily street market selling local fruits, vegetables and fresh sea food.... [more]

Oyster Regatta – A celebration of a unique formula on Day 4
Oyster Yachts,
With nearly 300 owners and crew gathered together in this wonderful setting, the atmosphere for the evening event started to build as the first coaches arrived from the yacht club berths.... [more]

Oyster Regatta – A gentle day in the sunshine
Oyster Yachts,
In Class one the competitive spirit had developed and newcomers Bacchus engaged with Maegan in a tight match racing style boat to boat start – a great spectacle for others to watch whilst waiting to start!... [more]

For something new, head for Crystal River, 70 miles North of Tampa
Peter Janssen,
Here's a great story from Southern Boating that gives details about how to get there and what you'll find once you arrive. Entering from the Gulf of Mexico, you need to watch your draft; if you need more than five feet, you probably should wait for at least half high tide.... [more]

US Virgin Islands still devastated by one-two punch of Irma and Maria
The government says that hospitals on St. Thomas and St. Croix will have to be torn down and rebuilt. On St. Croix, one of the few working cell towers went down after someone stole the generator that powered it.... [more]

Funding boost for Whitsunday Clipper Race Carnival
Tourism Whitsundays,
The Whitsunday Clipper Race Carnival received a welcome injection of cash this week when it was announced the event would receive $200,000 in Federal Government 'matched' funding. The announcement was made on Tuesday by Federal Member for Dawson George Christensen and Whitsunday Mayor Andrew Willcox at Abell Point Marina, which will host the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race in January 2018.... [more]

Great Barrier Reef discovery in Whitsundays welcomed
Tourism Whitsundays,
A surprise discovery has amazed and delighted tourism operators on the Great Barrier Reef. Huge colonies of pristine coral have been discovered in a lagoon system about 100km off the coast of the Whitsundays mainland, causing excitement amongst reef experts and tourists.... [more]

Coast Guard Foundation salutes members of Coast Guard at annual dinner
Coast Guard Foundation,
At the event, the Coast Guard Foundation will honor United States Coast Guard heroism and mission excellence with two awards, and acknowledge the response and rescue efforts of the service during the last three weeks of hurricane activity in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.... [more]

A wonderful day of contrasts at Oyster Regatta
Oyster Yachts,
Rather than make everyone track over to that side, Paul bravely called for downwind starts from the middle of the bay, with a heavily biased line. The fleet responded well and although this meant up to six yachts starting together for a starboard beam reaching start, everyone found their space and kites flew enthusiastically as the easterly first leg matured in the building south-westerly breeze.... [more]

Baja Ha-Ha 24
Baja Ha-Ha,
This is one of the most fun West Coast sailing rallies, as well as being the largest sailing to Mexico, The Ha-Ha was created by and for cruising sailors.... [more]

Thirtieth blog from Jon Sanders - He is in Bundaberg Queensland
Jon Sanders,
Bundaberg Queensland. East coast of Australia. Bundaberg region population near 100,000. Lush green. Plenty of rain in the region. Hmmm, must be talking about in other years. It's dry. In Perth on the Australian west coast (other side of the continent), I.E. other side of the desert. Has a Mediterranean climate. Rains in winter, dry in summer. Owners and tenants in suburbs hand water their lawns.... [more]

A glorious start to the 40th Oyster Regatta
Oyster Yachts,
A glorious start to the 40th Oyster regatta, held this year once more in Palma in association with Real Club Nautico de Palma. In warm and settled conditions, it was clear right from the start of the day that we would be waiting for the sea breeze to kick in from the south west in contrast to the north easterly gradient wind.... [more]

The Octopus Islands and not one in sight
Rosemary Sanderson,
The sea lions were hanging out on the buoy, soaking up the sunshine, so Peter slowed and brought Blue Horizon in closer. They raised their heads, long necked and bleary eyed and one fell off backwards, looking just like an old-timer being ejected from the bar after a hard night out. “Last in, first out,” said Peter, as the determined fellow took several attempts to clamber back on... [more]

Perini Navi presents 60m S/Y Seven and announces sale of 60m S/Y and LOI
Perini Navi,
Perini Navi, the world leader in the design and build of sailing and motor yachts, is pleased to present S/Y Seven at the 27th edition of the Monaco Yacht Show which commences tomorrow. Chairman and CEO of Perini Navi, Lamberto Tacoli also announced the sale of the fourth Perini Navi 60m and the signing of a letter of intent for a new Perini Navi 42m sloop.... [more]

New fall rally destination and BVI relief fund
Salty Dawg Sailing Association,
The Salty Dawg Sailing Association (SDSA) Board of Directors has announced that the destination of the 2017 Fall Rally will now be Falmouth Harbor, Antigua. The decision by the Board comes as a result of the damage caused to the British Virgin Islands by Hurricane Irma.... [more]

Antarctic adventurer Lisa Blair shares her story
Peter McIntosh,
Inspiring solo sailor Lisa Blair likes to lighten the mood every now and then, even when describing life-and-death situations. So she won't mind being described as someone who could talk under water. And it's just as well because the gathering of sailors young and old at Gosford Sailing Club hung on to her every word as she described her amazing seafaring adventures.... [more]

International Relief Group send tug full of supplies to Dominica
Ray Thakeray,
IRG has contracted 350 ton cargo ocean tugboat Flying Buzzard, bunkered in Grenada and sailing to St. Lucia where she will take on fuel and final cargo Wednesday for the round trip to DOMINICA with her cargo holds full of emergency supplies. We are now out of donations! Please share and help if you can...... [more]

Crystalbrook Collection Announces Port Douglas Superyacht Marina
Katie Malone,
Australian tourism and hospitality group, Crystalbrook Collection, has today announced its acquisition of The Reef Marina in Port Douglas, which is now to be known as Crystalbrook Superyacht Marina, and its intention to invest a further $100+ million into the Marina.... [more]

Heat, biting flies, no wind ..... we're lovin' it
SV Crystal Blues,
Welcome to Chesapeake Bay in the summer time. Heat, biting flies, no wind. But there are no lobster traps and very few rocky reefs, much to our delight. We had traveled overnight from New York down the coast, then up the Delaware River and through the C&D Canal, to enter the Chesapeake and pause for two nights in Annapolis.... [more]

Cruisers in Trinidad delivering aid to Dominica
Sarah Smith,
If you are unable to donate any of the items listed, you may make cash donations to Jesse James and a group of volunteers will go shopping for additional supplies.... [more]

UK Government increases aid to Dominica
Daria Blackwell,
Hurricane Maria ripped through Dominica earlier this week, leaving 98% of buildings damaged and thousands without power. It was the first category five hurricane to hit the island in living memory, affecting almost the entire 70,000 population.... [more]

Green Island Clean Up
Ocean Crusaders,
Proudly Sponsored by Hideaway Handmade, with support from Construction People and Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, 72 people turned up on the day, which was an amazing result for our little organisation.... [more]

Dodging Hurricane Jose, ducking under bridges
SV Crystal Blues,
Hurricane Jose wimped out on Long Island Sound, very fortunately for us. Planning for the worst, we headed for Pelham in New York. With the help of OCC Port Officer Thomas Delaney, we arranged a berth on the pontoons in the pond at the New York Athletic Club Yacht Club. There, in best hurricane hole north of New York City, we rode out the barely 15 knot winds that Jose finally rent down upon us.... [more]

World ARC 2017-18 in Xmas Island
World Cruising,
After sailing some 620NM from Lombok the World ARC fleet are currently moored in Flying Fish Cove at Christmas Island for a brief 48 stopover before they continue westwards towards Cocos (Keeling) Islands. This stopover is the first visit to the ‘Jewels of the Indian Ocean' and the crew have been enjoying their time ashore...... [more]

Remains of historic shipwreck reappears on a North Carolina beach
Daniel Roth /,
A cargo ship that sunk nearly a century ago has suddenly reappeared following a recent spate of heavy winds blowing through North Carolina following Hurricane Jose. Ran aground by an alleged mutiny in 1919, The William H. Sumner reemerged from its sandy tomb earlier this week after beach goers found the wreckage on Surf City shore...... [more]

Lisa Blair becomes first woman to circumnavigate Antarctica solo
Luke Reilly,
The World Sailing Speed Record Council has officially ratified Lisa Blair's circumnavigation of Antarctica, a 183 day long journey. Lisa's solo and unassisted circumnavigation was not short of challenges, with seven metre seas and 40 knot winds leading to the dismasting of her 50ft yacht, Climate Action Now, just 72 days in.... [more]

Life-saving video - USCG rescues woman, two children from overturned
Miami Herald,
Here's a dramatic video of a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter rescuing a woman and two children from the hull of an overturned boat near Vieques, Puerto Rico, after the vessel was disabled in 20-foot waves and 115-mph winds. A man who was trapped inside the boat died. The British Royal Navy helped with the rescue.... [more]

Urgent boat repairs in Rockland
SV Crystal Blues,
After colliding with the rocky ledge some weeks back, we needed a place to haul the boat out of the water and make good the damage. Luckily we found just the place we needed in Rockland, Maine.... [more]

The Race for Water Odyssey in Guadeloupe
Race for Water,
After setting sail from Lorient on 10 April 2017 for a 5-year round the world voyage to raise awareness about plastic pollution of the oceans, the Race For Water, a fully autonomous solar-hydrogen-powered vessel, is arriving in Guadeloupe on Thursday 21 September.... [more]

Relief for Dominica
The Marine community through the Antigua and Barbuda Marine Association is working with Ondeck who is preparing its Farr 65 Spirit of Juno to head to Dominica late on Thursday evening to deliver much needed aid. They will then return a number of times over the coming weeks.... [more]

Prepare now - Maria on collision course,
Hurricane Maria, a Category 5 on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, is closing in on a potentially catastrophic strike on the already storm-weary Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, following a first-on-record Category 5 landfall for the island of Dominica Monday evening.... [more]

Coast Guard Foundation activates Disaster Relief and Response Fund
Coast Guard Foundation,
The Coast Guard Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to the education and welfare of all Coast Guard members and their families, announced today the activation of its Disaster Relief and Response Fund to assist Coast Guard Members impacted by Hurricane Harvey.... [more]

Tropical storm warning in effect
Port of New Bedford,
A Tropical Storm Warning is currently in effect for the area from Watch Hill, Rhode Island, to Hull, Massachusetts, including Block Island, Martha`s Vineyard, and Nantucket.... [more]

Dominica ravaged by Hurricane Maria
Daria Blackwell OCC and,
Initial reports are of widespread devastation. So far we have lost all what money can buy and replace. My greatest fear for the morning is that we will wake to news of serious physical injury and possible deaths as a result of likely landslides triggered by persistent rains.... [more]

Hurricane Maria rapidly intensifies to Category 5 near Leeward Islands,
Hurricane Maria is pounding the Leeward Islands as an extremely dangerous Category 5 hurricane and will follow that up with a potentially devastating hit on the already storm-weary Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico, parts of which are still recovering from Hurricane Irma less than two weeks ago.... [more]

Coast Guard readies for Jose, cautions mariners
Coast Guard First District Northeast,
Coast Guard Air Station Cape Cod crews are flying storm tracks and using marine radios to warn offshore boaters of the approaching heavy weather and recommending they seek safe haven.... [more]

USCG medevacs woman from a cruise ship, 50-miles off of Montauk, N.Y.
Coast Guard PA Detachment New York,
A Coast Guard crew medevaced a 65-year-old woman from the cruise ship Crystal Serenity approximately 50-miles southeast of Montauk, New York, Sunday. At approximately 1 p.m., watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound received a report from the cruise ship Crystal Serenity of a passenger suffering with severe stomach pains and requested a medevac.... [more]

Tongan troubleshoot
SV Te Mana,
So it turns out that just shy of a week on land is enough to dissolve your hard earned sea legs. Or maybe it was the fact that in our minds we had it pegged that the short two night passage to Tonga would be nothing compared to the nine days we'd just endured en route to Niue. The uncomfortably rolly short swell period created by strong winds of few days prior couldn't have helped matters either.... [more]

World ARC 2017-18 in Indonesia
World Cruising,
After completing the leg from Australia to Indonesia, the World ARC fleet have been enjoying a relaxing stopover here in Lombok. During the stopover participants greatly enjoyed exploring the island; in addition to the superb snorkeling found here on Gili Gede and nearby Gili Layar many crews have been traveling inland, experiencing local culture and visiting some of the scenic highlights...... [more]

Why modern cartographers are so impressed with this 16th-century map
Sarah Laskow,
In February 1580, Francisco Gali was headed across Mexico to the Pacific Ocean. A mariner and cartographer who'd crossed the Pacific more than once, he had been living in “New Spain,” as Europeans called that part of the world, and was likely on another official mission that would take him to Asia.... [more]

Find some real peace in Thailand's Similan Islands
Catherine Nicol,
The Similans are numbered one through nine, going from north to south, and they're a national park in the Andaman Sea. You can swim in the turquoise waters of all of them, but you can only step foot on the white sandy beaches of Number Four, which has simple bamboo bungalows, and Number Eight, the largest and the best for snorkeling.... [more]

ARC Caribbean 1500 will arrive into Nanny Cay, Tortola BVI as planned
World Cruising,
World Cruising Club has announced to skippers today that the ARC Caribbean 1500 will continue as per the published schedule to Nanny Cay, Tortola this November. Hurricane Irma, the strongest storm to hit the Leeward Islands in decades, caused widespread damage to the BVIs, surrounding Caribbean islands and beyond.... [more]

Race for Water – Review of hopeful stopover in the Dominican Republic
Race For Water,
We get the low-down on the highlights of this latest stopover, which was made up of on-the-ground surveys on the various waste management networks, conferences, meetings, workshops and school visits.... [more]

3Di NORDAC wins 'Best New Product' at Newport International Boat Show
North Sails,
North Sails 3Di NORDAC was named Best New Product at the Newport International Boat Show awards on September 15th. Introduced in Spring of 2017, 3Di NORDAC transforms polyester fiber into seamless, one-piece sails that are uniquely strong, beautiful, and long-lasting. Presented in partnership with Cruising World, Sailing World, and Yachting magazines... [more]

A successful ten years for Clipper Marine and Bavaria Yachts
Bavaria Yachts,
This year's Southampton Boat Show is an important anniversary for Clipper Marine and Bavaria Yachts. The German shipyard's sailing and motor yachts have been represented by Clipper Marine in Great Britain for ten years now. That means it is also the tenth Southampton Boat Show at which Bavaria Yachts is exhibited by the professional team of Matthew Attree and Richard Hewett.... [more]

Beneteau Oceanis 62 - Elegant innovation
Flagstaff Marine,
The electronically controlled hydraulic rear platform is designed like a terrace over the sea, and an outdoor galley allows you to entertain from the cockpit.... [more]

Caledonian Canal
SV Taipan,
Caledonian Canal runs 97km, is 5.5m deep and two thirds of its length passes through several Lochs in the Great Glen. It has 29 Locks, four aqueducts and 10 bridges. Neptunes Staircase is the biggest flight and comprises 8 locks rising 20 meters.... [more]

Deep sea coral research in Southeast
Dr. Peter Etnoyer / NOAA,
As Chief Scientist, one of my responsibilities is to summarize the expedition as a way to wrap things up before the work ahead begins. My favorite task is to gather a few key statistics. I also like to take a selfie with the robot. It's my tradition. These robots are like friends; we share struggles and victories.... [more]

10 greatest sightings from deepwater exploration of the Pacific
NOAA Fisheries,
Starting September 7, you, too, can join the expedition virtually by following the live video streamed by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) diving down to the seafloor near Musicians Seamounts.... [more]

Oceanis – 2018 set to be a prolific year
30 years on, the best known range in the world continues to show its vitality. Alongside the new Oceanis 51.1, which won over the experts at its first sea trials, Beneteau has announced four new Oceanises to satisfy a broad range of aspirations this autumn.... [more]

Running south west to warm water and sunshine
SV Crystal Blues,
Having completed repairs at the excellent!Journey's_End_Marina!new in Rockland, Maine, we quickly made a jump south and west over the past two days, chasing warmer weather. Crystal Blues was launched on Monday at 13:00hrs and we fueled, conducted a small sea trial and finished rigging the boat that afternoon.... [more]

Niue Wanderings
SV Te Mana,
There's no more comforting a thought than arriving at a sheltered anchorage after nine days at sea. So you can imagine our dismay as we tiredly approached Niue's picturesque Alofi Harbour... the sun setting and the wind easing behind the protection of the island's cliffs... only to realise through the binoculars that the moored boats in the distance were rocking crazily from side to side like poorly... [more]

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