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Trogear adjustable bowsprits for yachts 20-70ft available now from Technical Marine Supplies

by Matt Churchward, TMS 24 Jul 2018 11:00 UTC
Trogear adjustable bowsprit © TMS

Product Origins

Now in over 20 countries and on over 70 types of yachts the patented Trogear adjustable, carbon fibre bowsprit was borne in 2012, when Trogear owner Henry Dokonal set out to improve his yacht's performance for light wind, single-handed sailing. He took inspiration from the Ocean racers which all used bowsprits with furling sails that allowed for simplified deployment of sails and of jibing. He put his engineering background to work developing a bowsprit that would be robust, lightweight, good looking and not clutter the deck. What ensued were several years of design and testing before the Trogear Adjustable Bowsprit was introduced to the sailing market.

Six years later, it has seen duty in several races world wide including the Sydney Hobart Race, Newport Bermuda Race, Race to Mackinac, and the Marblehead Halifax Ocean Race giving sailors an edge in light-wind conditions.

"Couldn't have done it without the sprit and my code zero which allowed us to move in a period of very light air."
- Chris Terajewicz, Morris 36/Trogear AS-30R. 2nd place in the DH2 division of 2018 Newport Bermuda Race

While the Trogear Bowsprit is a useful addition to racing yachts, it is suitable as well for cruisers or racer/cruisers both mono and multi hull. It comes in 4 standard sizes with custom solutions available by request.

Why Trogear?

It is an ideal aftermarket solution for your sailboat, and facilitates flying Asymmetrical Spinnakers and Code 0s.

The Trogear's patented core feature is a triangular design installed via a hinge mount either below the deck or on the deck or anchor roller. Using an adjustable bobstay, the luff tension of the sail is easily adjusted from the cockpit, and it can be placed in an upright position to facilitate attaching sails or furlers, or for stowing at the dock (no extra dock fees!). The UV resistant clear polyurethane finish offers maximum protection, though the Trogear is removable.

The Trogear Bowsprit Details

Made from custom made carbon fibre parts, bonded using high strength structural epoxy adhesive. The triangular frame has no CF to metal bonds. All CF parts are professionally coated with UV Resistant Clear Polyurethane.

Other Parts included:

  • G10 fibreglass hinge tube
  • Hinge shaft: Titanium or Anodised Aluminum w/ bolts or quick release pin
  • Marine grade bolts and washers
Does not include parts for the bobstay rigging.


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