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Fleets of BCA members get together to form Fleet

by Cameron and Marianne McLean 25 Sep 2018 14:20 UTC
Fleets of BCA © Cameron and Marianne McLean

In September of every year a number of BCA members get together to form Fleet. One group forms on Vancouver Island, one in Calgary and one on the Lower Mainland. These are people who are planning to sail offshore in the following year or soon thereafter. Fleet meets monthly or more often depending on the program they set up for the year. Fleet members decide the program based on their needs and interests.

One of the objectives of Fleet is to increase member's knowledge to prepare for safe and comfortable voyages. Each year Fleet works with the Education Watch to set up various types of sessions. Examples of previous Fleet sessions include: Presentations and panel discussions by BCA members who have recently returned from offshore; Use of Pactor Modems for Email and Weather; Mast climbing; Ham and SSB use and installation; Storm Tactics and Safety at Sea; Psychology of Cruising; Rigging and Rigging repair; Sail Selection and Sail Repair; and Medical Problems Offshore.

Another objective of Fleet is to increase awareness of sources of useful and innovative equipment. A Vancouver Fleet committee is in contact with various suppliers and collects information on equipment available, often at special BCA Fleet prices.

Perhaps the most important objective of Fleet is to get to know fellow sailors who will be sharing the offshore adventure. These are the people meeting up in foreign ports, who will happily help each other out in times of difficulty and who will become long-time friends. With this in mind, Vancouver Fleet has a number of social events during the year with no specific program other than getting to know one another better.

Throughout the year the Vancouver Fleet meets on the last Tuesday of each month. The first meeting of the Vancouver Fleet of 2019 will be held upstairs at the Scottish Cultural Centre at 1900 hours on Tuesday, September 25th. This meeting will feature Dina Aloi and Malcolm MacPhail, BCA members who have returned to Vancouver after several years offshore, sailing across the Pacific.

If you would like to join Fleet, just show up at the meeting. Captain, First Mate and crew are all welcome to attend the Fleet meetings. Vancouver Fleet fees are $50 per boat and are payable only on the BCA website. We look forward to your participation in the 2019 Fleet!

If you are interested in joining the Vancouver Island Fleet, contact Daragh and Al. To join the Calgary Fleet, contact Christine.

This article has been provided by the courtesy of Bluewater Cruising Association.

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