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Solar catamaran "Race for Water" anchors off The Brando in October 2018

by Skysails Yacht 25 Sep 2018 18:57 UTC 29-31 October 2018
Skysails Yacht towing kite on Race-for-Water in Guadeloupe © Skysails Yacht

Climate-neutral technologies for protecting the environment: From 29 to 31 October 2018, the solar catamaran "Race for Water" (R4W) will stop at The Brando's Tetiaroa Atoll.

Together, The Brando and SkySails Yacht want to raise awareness for new technologies for environmentally neutral propulsion systems. Guests of The Brando are cordially invited to test the catamaran themselves for a few hours and to get to know the towing kite system as propulsion for yachts during the two days.

Race for Water – For the oceans, against plastics

From 2017 to 2021, the solar catamaran R4W is on a journey across the seven sears to draw attention to the plastic pollution of the oceans. R4W is at the same time a charity dedicated to the protection and preservation of the waters and above all the oceans - in addition to sustainable propulsion technology, the main aim is to draw attention to plastic waste in the sea: "It is a race against time for future generations. If nothing is done here, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050," says Marco Simeoni, Chairman of the Race for Water Foundation.

"Race for Water" catamaran anchors off The Brando

On 27 October, the solar catamaran will travel from Bora Bora to The Brando on its journey around the world. From 29 to 31 October 2018, the R4W will anchor in the Tetiaroa Atoll, where a joint workshop will be held during which The Brando guests can ride the innovative solar catamaran for a few hours and experience the various propulsion options for themselves. For example, SkySails will demonstrate the kite. Like the R4W catamaran, The Brando's philosophy is to act as climate-neutrally as possible. In addition to solar energy and a low-energy air conditioning system, the luxury resort also hosts the Tetiaroa Society, a research station where up to 20 scientists can simultaneously research environmental influences on, as well as flora and fauna of the atoll.

About the zero-emission propulsion system of the solar catamaran

The solar catamaran is equipped with a SkySails towing kite system (kite) for propulsion via wind. This is the strongest wind propulsion system in the world, the SKS-Y-System. Even the smallest model with a size of 40 square meters can replace up to 250kW of engine power in good wind conditions.

Instead of large sails on a mast, a towing kite with rope made of high-strength and weatherproof textiles is used to propel the catamaran forward like huge paragliders at a height of 100 to 300 meters. As the engine usually only runs between 0 and 50 percent, the yacht owner is more independent and has the opportunity to explore all five oceans stress-free and without being docked on deck of an expensive freighter. At the same time, fuel is saved.

SkySails combines the advantages of motor and sailing yachts with this system. On a motor yacht equipped with the SkySails sail, holidaymakers can glide over the oceans as comfortably as on a motor yacht and as silently as with a sailing yacht.

Silvio Bion, General Manager of The Brando, is proud: "We are very pleased to welcome such an innovative and sustainable invention as the "Race for Water" solar catamaran here in our Tetiaroa Atoll. We are all pursuing the same goals for a more sustainable world with a common future."

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