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Mast Stepping & Commissioning with RigIt, the South Coast's Rigging Experts

by RigIt 13 May 10:13 UTC
RigIt : A One-Stop Rigging Service for the Solent and beyond © RigIt

As any boat owner will tell you, one of the trickiest operations in yacht or boat maintenance is stepping (raising) or unstepping (lowering) the mast.

Whether commissioning a yacht for the first time or as part of a routine maintenance operation, Rigit's experienced riggers take the greatest care possible to avoid any damage to your boat or mast.

Rely on the experts

Commissioning a mast that has been newly stepped requires specialist knowledge to get the appropriate stay tensions to induce the correct amount of mast pre-bend. Too much or too little rig tension will not only affect yacht performance but also compromise safety, especially in challenging sailing conditions.

Mast, Boom, Vang & Pole Service

You only have to be near a fleet of 40-footers as they round the leeward mark and head upwind to the next mark to hear the huge forces that are being loaded onto the rig as the sails are trimmed in. RigIt understand the principle is the same on all sailing boats.

All elements of a sailing rig; mast, boom, kicking strap / vang, deck hardware and downwind the spinnaker pole or bowsprit are all subject to constantly changing forces. Occasionally something will fail, either by breaking or seizing. Regular maintenance and servicing of all these elements can often prevent these breakdowns and failures occurring. RigIt offers a complete service to maintain, repair or replace as necessary across all the elements within the rig, either in aluminium or carbon composite materials as required.

Mast and Spar Transport

The movement of Masts and Spars is a highly specialised form of transportation. Rigt's years of experience and their extensive contacts within this branch of the logistics industry ensure that your masts and spars will be moved safely and efficiently throughout the UK or Europe.

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