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Avoid expensive mistakes with your rigging with Rigit: Rigging specialists for the Solent & beyond

by RigIt 21 May 2019 11:00 UTC
RigIt : A One-Stop Rigging Service for the Solent and beyond © RigIt

Whether you're racing or cruising, the combination of the boat's mast, boom, standing and running rigging together with the deck hardware systems and the sails need to work in an efficient manner to give you the optimum performance and fastest speeds.

RigIt's in-depth knowledge mean that regardless of whether you have a racing yacht or are a cruising sailor, your rig set up will be second to none.

Rigging Surveys - Avoid expensive mistakes

Having a rigging survey done before you buy any boat is great investment. Letting RigIt's professionals cast their eyes over your next purchase could save you from unwanted bills later, strengthen your bargaining position during the purchase, or even show you how you could improve the yacht's performance after purchasing it.

Innovations in Rigging - Wire, Rod & Fibre Rigging

A few years, back, wire rigging was the norm on virtually every yacht or boat with a mast. Rigging have moved on significantly over the past few years and now the choice is much wider. Each type has benefits that need to be weighed against your requirements.

Ropes & Splices

Gone are the days when manila & hemp were the stable diet of cordage. All that changed was the thickness of the material used. The choice of rope now available can be bewildering. RigIt's professional riggers can inspect your original running rigging, and supply and install appropriate replacements as necessary from their extensive standard range.

"The new rigging looks excellent and has been much admired by other owners and yard staff. Will be happy to recommend you and for any prospective customers to look at my rigging". Stewart Owen

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