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nke Marine Electronics - Introducing the 'Cruise' Package

by Kerri Robson 19 Jul 08:00 UTC
nke Marine Electronics Multigraphic Display © nke

In a previous blog post, introduced nke and their innovative range of marine electronics; French brand nke have been developing reliable, user-friendly, safe and high performing instrument systems dedicated to navigation for the last 30 years, providing options for racers, cruisers and single-handed sailors at all levels.

Due to nke's impressive product range, we also introduced a number of marine electronics packages crafted by We created these packages to simplify the tricky world of marine electronics, and the result was six turn-key packages - for racing or cruising - that are easy to use, understand and adapt to your needs.

In this blog we will explore our mid-range 'Cruise' package, ahead of the launch of nke Marine Electronics on

The 'Cruise' Package:

The 'Cruise' package is the baseline instrument package for serious cruisers. The package includes a high-quality multi-graphic display, a wind unit for accurate speed and angle, a paddle wheel speed sensor, a depth sensor (ultrasonic, to 50m) and a single-axis Fluxgate compass. All the wiring and relevant junction boxes are included in the package for a complete installation.

In addition to providing accurate true wind direction and VMG, the compass - which our lower range package 'Coastal' does not include - provides the essential link to interface with an autopilot drive system.

Autopilot System:

If an autopilot system is ultimately what you're after - rather than just navigation instruments - then has also created a range of standard autopilot packages which seamlessly interface with the instrument packages to provide a complete turnkey solution. We have a range of different autopilot drive systems which can be selected based on boat size plus style, e.g. linear/direct drive, or hydraulic drive. Which drive system to select depends on consideration of power consumption versus speed, accuracy and installation constraints, however, the 'Cruise' package is the baseline set of nke instruments required to run an autopilot.

Optional Instrument Upgrades: have also taken the time to advise on optional instrument upgrades specifically for the 'Cruise' package. For instance, add to the standard multi-graphic display with an additional 7-inch colour multi-display screen, which can be mounted anywhere onboard, even as a vertical mast unit.

Alternatively, upgrade the standard paddle wheel speed sensor to a High Resolution (HR), simple, reliable, ultrasonic speed sensor with no moving parts. Flush mounting to the hull, this can be covered with antifouling, without affecting performance, and it measures 0-50 knots.

Or finally, convert the standard wind unit to a HR Carbowind - a 1m carbon wind vane with HR resolution speed and angle. Positioned 1m clear above the mast, the HR Carbowind allows wind shifts to be detected instantly, clear of the upwash effects that can affect the accuracy of wind measurements. The accuracy and sensitivity of the compass and wind instruments are the key factor in autopilot performance. If you want a package that will allow your autopilot to comfortably handle power reaching whilst surfing down big waves, then sensitive course and wind data makes all the difference.

Bolt-On Modules:

On top of instrument upgrade options, we can also offer a number of bolt-on modules across all packages. These include: WIFI (to link to other software and devices), Security/AIS (boat ID, course, speed for you and all surrounding boats), GPS (alternative 20Hz boat speed plus SOG & COG), M.O.B (man overboard remote unit), remote pilot (autopilot remote control plus M.O.B) and autopilot true wind (sails to true wind direction).

Installation by qualified nke Marine Electronics technicians can also be organised, with prices available on request. Our knowledgeable team have more than 15 years' experience and can assist with interfacing different hardware and software together.

Can't wait to get your hands on nke Marine Electronics? Get in touch via our marine electronics enquiry form to tell us about your requirements, or for further advice use our contact form.

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