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Inaugural 'Maiden Factor Voice' announced

by Libby Mudditt 10 Nov 2019 13:27 UTC
Whoopi Goldberg © The Maiden Factor

Supporting The Maiden Factor project the Voices will be a group of influential and inspiring women - and men - from around the world; coming together with the common goal of generating awareness of the importance of girls' education and championing solutions to enable access to education for girls currently denied this human right.

All humans are born equal, but gender inequality exists in many societies around the world; girls and women face countless obstacles on a daily basis simply because they were born female. Poverty, illiteracy minority status, disability, early marriage and pregnancy, as well as cultural attitudes about the status and role of girls and women are barriers that negatively impact on them throughout their lifetimes.

Education is proven to be a way of equipping girls and women with the necessary knowledge and understanding to empower them to determine the shape of their futures and the futures of their children and communities.

Commenting on her role as a Maiden Factor Voice, Whoopi Goldberg said, "Whenever someone offers a great idea for girls, I'm all in. Tracy and The Maiden Factor Voices are offering up brilliant ideas, so I am behind it all."

At the conclusion of the Maiden's World Tour, the thousands of 'Messages of Hope' written by young people at stopovers and all around the world will be collated and presented as a 'Call to Action'. The Maiden Factor Voices will put their weight behind this 'Call to Action' to be presented to the UN in 2022, giving a platform for the voices of young people everywhere to be heard.

"When Whoopi came to see the film, Maiden, we had the chance to speak and her words very much echoed what we want to achieve with Maiden - equality in education for all. I invited Whoopi to be our first Maiden Factor Voice and when she graciously accepted, I was absolutely delighted! Whoopi is an inspiration to me and to so many," said Tracy Edwards MBE.

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