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First buyer signed for the Seaview 56

by Heysea 11 Jan 11:15 UTC

At the end of 2020, Heysea received good news for the newly released catamaran sailing yacht. The shared passion for marine sports brought Seaview 56 her first owner. Her debut was at the SMC International Yacht Show in October 2020. Within three months, her astonishing design and utility of the twin-hull structure have granted multiple praises and interests from many clients.

The debut of Seaview 56 released two versions for different purposes, a charter version and an owner version. After comparing prudently between brands, the buyer at the end choose Seaview 56's owner-version. 28-meter height above the water level, the mast fascinates the buyer by its 112 square-meter mainsails. With the mighty airflow, the sail pushes the boat up to 8 - 10 knots cruising speed.

Her twin hull structure provides a width of 8.8-meter space for both charter users and private owners, bringing relief on spacious free land. The luxurious interior was the work of the renowned Italian designer Paolo Dose from Venetian Yacht Design. The smooth extending exterior came from the mind of the brilliant designer Bill Dixon.

The flybridge is a stage to perform bravery and challenge the wuthering power of nature. The main deck and the bottom deck differ by version. For an owner version, the main deck equips a well-furnished galley and salon for authentic and satisfying hospitality. It accommodates up to 8 guests on the bottom deck. On the other side, the charter version locates the galley in the bottom deck, releasing spaces on the main deck for better enjoyment of the ocean, while accommodating 10 guests.

Seaview 56 is Heysea's brave attempt in the sailing yacht market, just like how every sailor challenging the wave, excited and ambitious. The sea charms man from the land and men are urging to challenge the sea. Heysea realizes the booming demand in the sailing yacht market and is looking for global agencies for our beloved catamaran. Listening to sea lovers, Seaview 56 is both a stage of a challenge as well as a resting nest in your conquered territory.

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