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Grapefruit Hull Wraps

by Andy Yeomans, Grapefruit 4 Feb 12:00 UTC

The year of staycations appears to be on the cards for 2021. This new shift has had a major impact in both second hand and new boat sales, with more new owners coming into the marine world. With increased boats out on the water its great to be able to have your boat looking sharp and glossy, which is where we can help.

Wrapping your boat is essentially applying a 'second skin' to change the colour or design. It not only works for older boats but can be used on brand new hulls to bring your own personalisation and to protect the gelcoat for future sales. Hull wrapping is not a new technology and has been around for a few decades but there are still old and new boat owners that are unaware of the benefits and uses.

Hull wraps can be cost effective and an alternative solution to painting, due to the speed at which a wrap can be applied. A 30-40ft boat can be transformed in as little as 2 days and has the significant benefit of being able to do the work outside in the yard with no need for tenting.

The finishing on wrapping is just as good as paint and will last between 6-10 years depending on where you boat is located. There is no need to polish your boat each year as all the films need is a quick wash with a little fresh water to keep them looking pristine. Although the vinyl is scratch resistant if you did bump into a pontoon the wrap can be easily repaired by using patches that are unnoticeable to the eye.

Not only are there a huge variety of colours available, but we can also print whatever design you heart desires giving you the ultimate flexibility. The vinyl's used are specially designed for both fresh and saltwater conditions and have properties to ensure no bubbles will occur. As we mentioned earlier the wrap is removable giving you the ability to revert to the original colour. It is a great alternative to painting your hull and perfect time to get you ready for the new season.

For further information please contact our team on 01489 570055 or

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