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 17 Nov 2017

The message

Loaded up and the road journey begins.  
It simply read, “Jake and I are off the coast on the 44 - fantastic conditions.” Of course you immediately think to yourself, “Oh nice one team! Got any salt with that?” Yet they were actually sending a note of appreciation, which read “Excellent work John, great read thank you.” So it was impossible to be anything other than inspired by visions of sun, and a flat sea over the top of the compass that was showing almost due North, which kind of reminded me of all the boats that have exited the North to head South about now in all manner of rallies and collaborations. They were just in the other Hemisphere.

We then had contact from another couple, plus pooch, down Cabo San Lucas way, and they are taking to the waterborne life really well. However, it was these pics from a very dear friend that got me really inspired. Only a small part of his sailing CV reveals that he has completed more than enough laps of the planet for anyone. He well and truly knows the pointy end from the blunt.

So what was it all about? Well clearly there is a place to live, so tick that box, but it was more about doing for his own young boys and lovely wife, what his dad had done for him all those years ago. That is really show them the pathway to life of adventure. Like sailing, that too is something he knows plenty about.

Finally in the yard and ready for all the work to begin.  

Yes we have giggled endlessly about what he lovingly refers to as the ‘icebreaker', which says so much about her sturdy steel construction, and much less about cocktail hour aboard. Yet maybe it doesn't, for that very concept also got a mention promptly, after talking about islands of the Pacific, and the many voyages planned to see some of them.

Before all of that there is the renovation, which has begun in earnest, but as she has never been in the drink, the equipment is all new, and all there, so it is kind of a double bonus. He is a tremendous guy, so it's also a lovely message to remind everyone that the universe does look after you, even when you are feeling more than a wee bit snowed in.

It looks like I may get to see her in person soon enough, but a large steel structure baking in the hot sun has already got me priming myself for an adventure, and that's just whilst it is on the hardstand! So I guess the final message is no matter what you're doing, if it involves the water in any way, shape or form, then you are indeed a lucky person.

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John Curnow

Passive acoustics track right whale shifts
NOAA Fisheries,
Analysis of data collected by passive acoustic monitoring between 2004 and 2014 by 19 organizations throughout the western North Atlantic Ocean revealed North Atlantic right whales have increased time spent in the Mid-Atlantic region since 2010 and decreased their presence in the northern Gulf of Maine.... [more]

NOAA and partners assess coral reef damage following Hurricane Irma
NOAA Fisheries,
Preliminary reports from the team found extensive shifting of sand and heavy sediment accumulation, which can smother and prevent corals from getting enough sunlight, as well as some structural damage to individual corals and the reef itself.... [more]

High tech on the high seas
NOAA Fisheries,
Scientists monitor the sounds by listening with headphones and watching a visual representation of the sounds known as a spectrogram because some sounds cannot be heard by the human ear. Using these two techniques, the acoustics team can determine when a vocalizing whale or dolphin is present and what species it is based on various characteristics of their sounds.... [more]

The next Crystal Blues-
SV Crystal Blues,
Note that it's hybrid powered by LNG and batteries, and does't (normally) anchor anywhere - instead, the thrusters linked to a dynamic positioning system simply keep it in place. It's planned to be accompanied by a 42 meter 'tender' that will carry the water toys and act as a refueling barge for the LNG.... [more]

2018 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show launches 30th year
SCIBS Media,
SCIBS general manager Johan Hasser said the team was thrilled to be planning a massive Show for 2018, buoyed by the spirit of exhibitors already working towards their displays for the landmark 30th year.... [more]

Coast Guard begins Albany session of Safety Assessment Workshop
Coast Guard PA Detachment New York,
A sampling of Workshop participants includes representatives from Albany Yacht Club, Ulster County Sherriff, New York State Department of Environment Conservation, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, NY/NJ Maritime Association, Hudson River Waterfront Alliance, and Port of Albany. Observers include local municipal leaders and residents to maintain transparency of the process.... [more]

Food for thought
World Cruising,
Week two of the popular ARC seminar programme took place at the Hotel Santa Catalina again today and participants were eager to attend a variety of topics such as rigging, management of emergencies at sea, tips for downwind sailing, communications and the ever-popular provisioning talk given by Claire Pengelly.... [more]

ARC+ 2017 - ARC+ fleet completed in Mindelo
World Cruising,
The ARC+ fleet has been completed with Twenty Twenty's arrival last night at approximately 1900LT. All 69 boats have now made it to Mindelo completing the first leg of the ARC+, Las Palmas to Cape Verde.... [more]

DAME Award again- We speak to Drue Kerr, Senior Designer at Zhik
Mark Jardine,
We caught up with Drue Kerr, Senior Designer at Zhik, who have just won the DAME Award in the clothing category for their Isotak X Ocean range.... [more]

New Red Ensign Group Yacht Code launched
Maritime and Coastguard Agency,
Work has been carried out across the REG to get the new code ready for its launch and also within the industry.... [more]

UK Ship Register signs its first unmanned vessel
Maritime and Coastguard Agency,
The UK Ship Register has signed its first ever unmanned vessel to the flag, showing how it is adapting to the changes of the maritime industry. ASV's C-Worker 7 will be used for work such as subsea positioning, surveying and environmental monitoring. It can be used under direct control, semi-manned or completely unmanned.... [more]

ARC+ Official Welcome by Marina Mindelo
World Cruising,
Saturday nights ARC+ welcome party hosted by Marina Mindelo was a great success with highlights from the traditional dancers and musicians. Suzana Tetlow, the Event Manager for ARC+, extended a warm thanks to Lutz Meyer-Scheel the Marina General Manager, Jacqueline the Operations Manager, Ivanice the Administrator Director, Tuga the Dockmaster, and rest of the staff for their great preparations... [more]

ARC+ fleet begin to arrive to Mindelo
World Cruising,
The first arrivals have made it to Mindelo Marina, completing the first leg of the ARC+ from Las Palmas - S. Vicente. There are now 26 boats which arrived throughout the night and day. As the ‘yellow-shirts' team continues to welcome 10 more boats from ARC+ fleet today,... [more]

Parade of nations at the ARC opening ceremony
World Cruising Club,
The grand parade had a real festival atmosphere and many crews took part in the patriotic display by bringing a boat's mascot or dressing up for the occasion.... [more]

16th-century shipwreck off Florida is causing an international dispute
Tom Metcalfe,
The marine salvage firm Global Marine Exploration (GME), which was granted permits by the state of Florida to explore seven areas off the coast of Cape Canaveral, found the artifacts buried in the sandy seafloorin May and June 2016.... [more]

Day 5 at sea
World Cruising,
It's a new dawn, it's a new day and the crews are feeling good! Day 5 at sea and by now those on the leg to the BVIs have shaken off their 'landlegs', are well into their watch rotations and have settled into life at sea. For those headed to the Bahamas landfall is in sight and the trappings of land will be soon upon them - WiFi, hot showers and cold beverages.... [more]

ARC+ 2017 - Altair is the first to be welcomed in Mindelo
World Cruising,
Altair, a Sparkman and Stevens Sloop from 1996, was the first out of the ARC+ fleet to arrive in Mindelo last evening at 19h 12m 15s (UTC-1). They were in time to catch the stunning sunset whilst approaching Marina Mindelo.... [more]

Mindelo Marina ready for this years ARC +
World Cruising,
The World Cruising Club event team have once again arrived to a warm welcome by the staff at the Mindelo Marina. Preparations are underway for the first arrivals expected in the early hours of Friday morning. The fleet got off to a quick start from Las Plamas with a fresh N/E wind which has since subsided resulting in a calmer sea state.... [more]

Coast Guard fire department rescue 3 from boat grounded off Gloucester
Coast Guard First District Northeast,
The Coast Guard and Gloucester Fire Department rescued three men Thursday from a lobster boat after it ran aground in the vicinity of Eastern Point Lighthouse. The lobster boat's owner hailed Coast Guard Sector Boston watchstanders on VHF Ch.16 at about 4:30 a.m. reporting his vessel was hard aground, and there were no injuries.... [more]

Over 40 Million Kidde fire extinguishers recalled
In the recall, Kidde also acknowledged the free replacement push-button extinguisher being sent to personal watercraft owners is similar in size to the recalled model but may not fit in the same location as the old fire extinguisher.... [more]

VI Mid-Island Club Night - Homeward bound via Japan and Korea
Bluewater Cruising Association,
Having been friends back in Winnipeg as teenagers, it was only natural that they meet up... and, well, they hooked up. Lynne wasn't a sailor, but agreed, maybe naively, to sail back to Canada with Jim, learning the ropes along the way.... [more]

Transporter ship pilot and captain prosecuted for collision with ferry
Maritime and Coastguard Agency,
Ruslan Uromov was charged with conduct endangering ships, structures or individuals, contrary to section 58(2) and (5) of the Merchant Shipping Act 1995. Gehan Sirimanne was charged with misconduct by pilot endangering ship, contrary to section 21 of the Pilotage Act 1987.... [more]

Online copies now accepted for applications to UK Ship Register
Maritime and Coastguard Agency,
The Maritime and Coastguard Agency is building a new vessel registration system and as part of that there is now the capacity to accept electronic applications online 24/7.... [more]

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