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Zero degrees apparent


The latest cruising news from the Northern Hemisphere and the world.
 19 Jun 2017

Zero degrees apparent

Nothing goes to windward quite like one - the kerosene canary  
Lots of time spent on board kerosene canaries of late afforded me the opportunity to reflect on a lot of things. Once in the air, nothing goes to windward like one, or as quickly as one, which of course is totally fine if that is to be the mission. Remember, it is important to have an end to journey towards, but in the end it is the journey that matters!

So what of cruising? Many now require a boat with pace, and many are taking to the seas with little prior history of ever wanting to be near boats. Stemming from all of that, I recently got to come across this Wahine cruiser from Bristol, Rhode Island, USA. Certainly that's a place that knows a lot about boats, and whilst everyone seems to be going larger, here is a 26-footer with a carbon keel floor, and a vac-bagged hull.

Hull form stability is evident, as too integrated access  Wahine Yachts

It's called a Lifestyle and that term could well be the whole encapsulation of the project right there. i.e. What you're going to do with this stage of your life and how stylish you want to be about it. It can get people into boating and doing coastal hops, before they step into the big blue, as well as being voluminous (given its overall dimensions) like all modern craft are delivered these days. A hull form with chines, a wee prodder, T-keel, spade rudder, and an open cockpit also lend themselves to having a pacier time on the water, too. That very openness will combine well with the interior, and also mean relaxation is genuinely part of the equation, as well.

So yes, you then to think to yourself, why not? It will go hard, yet still has loads of accommodation, and that sounds very good to me. Wahine says it is all about performance, comfort, style and luxury, without a big LOA, and on paper (as well as the still images), your curiosity certainly gets piqued. How it all lands in the dollar department will also be a very good arbiter to the whole discussion, as well of course with the ultimate test. Being semi-custom may also sway plenty of souls to buy... Of course, it is quite possibly the only real luxury performance cruiser in the segment, so comparisons may end up being against larger craft.

Taking in as much light as possible to avoid that cramped feeling and make the boat seem even larger.  Wahine Yachts

Now these hand built craft will only number 150 units in total, with each going through a 12-week build process. Given that some manufacturers launch a fully kitted out 50-foot powerboat in the same time, you get the feeling there will be plenty of man-hours involved. We'd love to hear from anyone who has been for a sail on one of the first boats, so if you have, please make contact with us via

Understanding just how open it is both below and above decks, how easy it is to get around both above and below, how well all the many light sources penetrate the cabin, the ease of controls for short-handed sailing, the functionality of the galley and wet-room, how useful the changeable configurations below decks are, and the fact that a six-footer can get about without a crick in the neck will be good to know.

Remember, the boat is only 26 feet long!  Wahine Yachts

For now, it certainly sounds like it is a step in the right direction of advancement, and as more people go to sea without a lifetime of experience, then the Wahine Lifestyle commands attention. Normally people do not cross oceans in craft like this, but as I was writing this editorial, I remembered the little S&S at English Harbour, Antigua, all those many, many years ago.
‘Comfortably Numb' had brought her soul occupant across the mighty Atlantic, safely and securely. She would have been of similar LOA, far shorter LWL, and had none of the Wahine's performance or space! So perhaps we are seeing a builder provide a solution to a part of the market that does not oft get referred to or spoken about. Again, if the solo or short-handed small craft bluewater sailor is you, and you have something to say, please let us know.

Now then, are you out there plying the seas and got something to say? We'd love to hear from you via – In the meantime, do you love being on the ocean? Well remember to love them back too. They need our help. Now more than ever! Until next time...

John Curnow

USCG, locals rescue dozens after high-speed ferry accident in Hyannis
U.S. Coast Guard 1st District Northeast,
The Coast Guard teamed-up with local responders late Friday and early Saturday to rescue 55 people stranded aboard a high-speed ferry that hit a jetty while entering Hyannis Harbor. The local fire department notified watchstanders at Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England at about 9:30 p.m. Friday and reported that the Massachusetts Steamship Authority Ferry Iyanough, which struck the jetty..... [more]

Hokule'a makes it's way home after a three year worldwide voyage
Lauren Easley,
Saturday morning at 9:30 am HST, June 17, 2017, Hokule'a along with sister-ship Hikianalia returned home to Hawaii after a three-year worldwide voyage. Their tour included 150 port calls in 23 countries with 60,000 nautical miles shared between the two double-hulled sailing canoes.... [more]

Life on board an ARC Portugal boat
World Cruising,
As a staff member of World Cruising Club its important to understand our Rally's from all perspectives. On this year's ARC Portugal I crewed the leg from Falmouth to Bayona on Paul and Dee's Hallberg Rassy 48. After a delayed start to the Rally caused by two low pressure systems the fleet were eager to depart and the weather window was set for a departure on the morning of Sunday the 11th.... [more]

Blue skies welcome ARC Portugal fleet in to Bayona
World Cruising,
After departing Falmouth last Sunday, WikiWiki, the first yacht from the ARC Portugal fleet to arrive, docked in Bayona in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The rest of the fleet started to arrive from 01:00 this morning with Blue Monde, closely followed by Blonde Moment, leading the charge.... [more]

Bula World ARC-
World Cruising,
The World ARC have been arrived in Fiji and authorized to clear in Vanua Balavu, in Lau Group, a group of officers from Custom and Immigration, Quarantine and Biosecurity flew to this remote island specifically for World ARC; World Cruising Club obtained special permission for the fleet as normally visiting yachts to Fiji are required to clear into the ports Suva or Savu Savu... [more]

Canada starts rescue mission as weather system hits Transatlantic Race
Thomson Reuters,
The RWYC would like to thank all personnel at the Halifax Coastguard for their immediate and magnificent response to this emergency situation. All seafarers owe them a debt of gratitude.... [more]

East side of Huahine
Andrew and Clare / Freedom and Adventure,
Since our last newsletter we have spent a wonderful week on the east side of Huahine French Polynesia, one of our favourite islands in the Society Group. The scenery is lush and mountainous, the bays are large and secluded, the water is flat calm and vivid blue. The night breeze is pleasantly warm, the stars are dazzling and we are under the Southern Cross; what more could we ask for?... [more]

New England Coast Guard family keeps mounted patrol history alive
Auxiliarist Reid Oslin,
Wayne Ormsbee, a civilian employee at Coast Guard Base Boston, and his daughter, Petty Officer Keisha Kerr, a Coast Guard active duty boatswain's mate, are historical re-enactors of the famed Beach Patrol horseback units whose members kept a sharp lookout along America's wartime coasts and gave peace of mind to millions of American citizens who feared enemy attacks during World War II.... [more]

Jon's on his way to Tahiti
Jon Sanders,
I am on my way to Tahiti. Panama is in The Doldrums. Weather wise that is. Seems to be going well otherwise. (As long as you don't stroll into The wrong localities). On departure there was no wind, none at all. Flat calm. Calm as calm. Lots of flotsam and jetsam in the water (to bang into).... [more]

ARC Portugal - Fleet depart for warmer waters.... at last-
World Cruising,
The fleet have made the most of their time in Falmouth visiting local attractions and of course sampling the traditional pubs and restaurants that surround the harbour. The ARC Portugal fleet finally set sail from Pendennis Marina today (Sunday) after what has been the longest delay to the start in the Rally's history.... [more]

U.S. Coast Guard Barque Eagle to lead Grand Parade of Sail
Coast Guard First District Northeast,
Led by Eagle, the parade of majestic tall ships will arrive in flotillas beginning from Broad Sound into the main channel of Boston Harbor, along the Boston waterfront, turning at Charlestown, before proceeding to their assigned berthing areas.... [more]

Onward to the Baltic
SV Taipan,
From Makkum there is just one final Lock to be negotiated before we bathe Taipan in salt water again. The Kornwerderzand Lock was hell busy. There seem to be endless long weekends here and everyone is out in their boat. We entered the lock with a great flotilla of yachts and small power boats and the usual jostling and positioning ensued.... [more]

BoatUS looks at accuracy of 22 Years of hurricane season predictions
With most 2017 storm forecasts now predicting average to above-average storm activity for the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season (June 1 – November 30), just how accurate are these predictions, and do boaters need to adjust their hurricane prep plans this year?... [more]

ARC Portugal Rally fleet departs for warmer waters
World Cruising Club,
The twenty-strong fleet of yachts sailing with World Cruising Club's annual ARC Portugal rally set off from Falmouth yesterday (Sunday 11 June), having finally found a weather window for the trans-Biscay stage of the rally. The international group which includes cruisers from Norway, Germany and America alongside British sailors, are headed to Bayona in Northern Spain, just over 550nm direct.... [more]

ARC Europe 2017 - Last leg underway
World Cruising,
After cruising the islands of the Azores the ARC Europe fleet divides into two groups. Leg 3A Group are sailing almost due East the 830NM to Lagos on mainland Portugal whilst Leg 3B Group are sailing north east back to ports across the UK and Northern Europe, a leg of approximately 1200NM.... [more]

Dismasted solo sailor Lisa to complete Antarctic Circumnavigation
Lisa Blair,
She has spent the past two months preparing Climate Action Now so that she can complete her circumnavigation, including the installation of a new mast and repairs to the hull and electrical and navigation systems sustained during her dramatic dismasting.... [more]

Nofo a Tonga, World ARC 2017-18 sailing from Tonga to Fiji
World Cruising,
It's already time to leave for Fiji, the World ARC participants gathered together at the Mango Café' for Dinner and Prizegiving for Leg 5 before clearing out from Tonga and heading to Fiji. The price giving event was just next to the bay with a view of the many boats in the anchorage. The evening started with welcome drinks of the traditional drink Kava, and the Brass Band from a local school...... [more]

ARC Europe - Island-Hopping in the Azores
World Cruising,
The ARC Europe fleet left Horta (Faial) to spend almost three days on Terceira Island before heading to S. Miguel and get ready for the start of leg 3. This was an opportunity to visit the historic centre of the island – Angra do Heroísmo, part of the UNESCO World Heritage through a walking guided tour sponsored by the Azores Tourism.... [more]

Charleston Hurricane reminder
SV Crystal Blues,
Like a sad and permanent warning sign, this sailboat has been high and dry on the banks of the Ashley River in Charleston, South Carolina, for the past 10 months or so. It dragged anchor during the last hurricane that passed by here. One American friend told me that through the summer, he is 'always looking over his shoulder' as he sails on this coast.... [more]

Seven Seas Cruising Association announces move of home base
In addition to executive and administrative leadership. KFR offers expertise specifically in the area of operating membership organizations focused on boating and cruising, as KFR has run AGLCA—America's Great Loop Cruising Association—for the past 10 years.... [more]

1st Estimate to quantify global plastic input from rivers into oceans
Citigate First Financial,
Researchers at The Ocean Cleanup, the Dutch foundation developing advanced technologies to rid the oceans of plastic, today published the first-ever estimate of plastic emissions from rivers into the world's oceans. Writing in Nature Communications, they calculate that rivers annually transport between 1.15 and 2.41 million metric tons of plastic waste into our oceans.... [more]

Amsterdam and the great lakes
SV Taipan,
Amsterdam was a fantastic stopover and one never tires of the beautiful canals and striking architecture both old and modern here in the Netherlands. We had some awesome weather and some not so awesome weather but no trouble finding places to see to keep busy. It is gradually warming up as summer approaches. Getting out of Amsterdam and into the Markemeer is a doddle.... [more]

Cruising through Charleston, South Carolina
SV Crystal Blues,
We arrived in Charleston after a five day passage from Cuba, running north west through the Old Bahama Channel and then north up the coast of Florida and Georgia, riding the Gulf Stream current towards our first US landfall. The current did not disappoint, giving us 10 and 11 knots over the ground for many hours.... [more]

Race for Water – A key player in fight against plastic pollution
Race For Water,
To mark World Oceans Day on June 8, 2017, the Race for Water Foundation is drawing attention to the need for concerted action against the plastic pollution that is swamping our oceans.... [more]

2017 ARC Portugal - Fleet arrive in Falmouth
World Cruising,
All yachts reported a good day's sailing, having set off yesterday at around 0900 local time from Mayflower Marina the fleet began to arrive in to Falmouth from 15:00 and those who decided not to use their engines arrived late in to night with the last yacht arriving at around 22:30. The fleet are now based in Pendennis Marina, nestled right in the heart of the bustling fishing town of Falmouth.... [more]

Coast Guard, partner agencies save 1, search for another off Salisbury
U.S. Coast Guard 1st District Northeast,
Coast Guard crews from Station Merrimack River and Air Station Cape Cod along with local agencies saved one person and are searching for another Tuesday evening off of Salisbury Beach. At approximately 5:40 p.m. the Salisbury Police Department notified Coast Guard watchstanders of two people in the water near a capsized boat.... [more]

Vancouver Club Night - Border Services QandA
Bluewater Cruising Association,
We have three very special speakers for this presentation evening. Paul Beaulieu, Superintendent of Waterfront Operations, Canada Border Services Agency. Anthony Zampano, Port Director, and Officer Eric Brand, US Customs and Border Protection. Corporal Shane Holmquist, Marine Operations-Shiprider, Federal Serious Organized Crime Section/RCMP.... [more]

Malo E Lelei World ARC-
World Cruising,
The last week World ARC fleet has arrived Neiafu, in the Vava'u island group of the wonderful Kingdom of Tonga. This is the end of the Leg 5 that started from Bora Bora, during which the boats stopped on the islands of Suwarrow and Niue. International clearances have been completed very smoothly and crews have been getting ashore in the main town of Neiafu ...... [more]

Delayed start to ARC Portugal 2017
World Cruising,
Unsettled conditions in the western approaches have caused a delay to the start of ARC Portugal. Rather than risk being out at sea as a deep low crosses, the boats will remain in the UK until the forecast looks favourable. However, undaunted the fleet headed out from Plymouth at 09:00 this morning and will sail to Falmouth.... [more]

ARC Portugal 2017 begins in Plymouth
World Cruising,
At 09:00 yesterday the ARC Portugal office opened in Mayflower Marina in Plymouth, marking the beginning of the 2017 rally. All yachts received a warm welcome from the rally team and are now checked in. The check in procedure covers the programme in Plymouth as well as information on tours and marinas for the following three week passage through Spain and Portugal.... [more]

BandG® introduces V20 VHF radio
Providing users easy and intuitive operation, the V20 includes a high-quality, high contrast black-on-white display that is clearly visible in bright sunlight. Nighttime visibility has also been optimized, with an inverted white-on-black night mode to reduce light emission and preserve night vision.... [more]

62 percent increase in New England recreational boating deaths
Coast Guard First District Northeast,
The Northeast Coast Guard welcomes the 2017 boating season by warning everyone to be safe while on the water this summer. National Safe Boating Week, May 21-26, marked the informal beginning of summer and Coast Guard crews throughout the Northeast are on patrol paying particular attention to recreational paddlecraft and boating safety.... [more]

Twentieth blog from on board Perie Banou II - The Panama Canal
Jon Sanders,
As you are probably aware Perie Banou 2 was to depart Shelter Bay Marina, Colon - Atlantic end of the canal, Monday 22nd May 2017 this year. Well I didn't. Went Tuesday. Why? Don't know. You get that. Same with two other yachts. The three yachts did the transit Tuesday. The other yachts was a French owned Lagoon 50 (ft) catamaran and a New Zealand owned Royal New Zealand Yacht Club 44.5 Beneteau.... [more]

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