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Back to the future or in with the new?


The latest cruising news from the Northern Hemisphere and the world.
 06 Apr 2017

Back to the future or in with the new?

Certainly a new take on the Amel theme, with twin rudders, plumb bow and bowsprit all very evident.  © Amel
They're small by volume sold globally, yet huge by volume contained therein. The boats they build are still sought after today, are very distinctive, and considered by many to be the blue water cruiser par excellence. Once upon a time they had sloops in the range, but of late became synonymous with the ketch rig, when everybody else was gradually bringing the main stick further and further aft.

They are of course Amel, and they build just a handful of boats a year. OK, maybe you will need a couple of toes in there as well, but the point is that this is a very exclusive space, so the news tat they are going to be launching a new 50-footer around September is big. However, unlike the current trend, this new craft is to be smaller than her 55' and 64' siblings, and will come in at 750,000 to 900k Euros, with the first two hulls in full production presently.

Large and safe cockpit is totally inviting  © Amel

What strikes you immediately is how this new Berret-Racoupeau design really gives a fresh new take to the traditional Amel approach, stance and poise. The sloop rig, not used by them since the 70's, only adds to the overall theme, with twin rudders and a prodder completing the equation beautifully. In fact, that is the very adjective you use to describe the external and internal renderings you are seeing here.

At any rate, the new craft will still be very much part of the stable with things like the solid stainless rails and large, sunken cockpit over the self-contained engine room, and the stylish Pilothouse roofline showing the lineage. She will also use the 55's mainmast as her own, and naturally deploy centralised and motorised controls for all the key functions. Yes, this is a fresh, new take on the Amel core values; stability, sustained performance during passage making, and value for anyone undertaking serious ocean work.

The main saloon is light and airy with the galley off to starboard.  © Amel

The new craft will have the VIP Stateroom for'ard and voracious Master aft, with the galley along the companionway to maximise the room afforded to the saloon. Like the exterior, these are hallmarks of the Amel buyer, and their requirements for super-comfortable, long haul cruising for a couple with family and friends sometimes joining them.
Micah Lane from Australian Agents, Vicsail Sydney/Flagstaff Marine, indicates there will be a virtual tour available during this year's Sydney Boat Show, with the real craft taking centre stage at both Cannes and La Rochelle from the middle of September.

Lane was just back from the factory and was genuinely impressed by the project, especially as one craft is apparently being finished in ultra-high gloss Rosewood, which could well mean that the adjective of choice to be applied now has to be, sensational. He also informed me that the first two hulls are not spoken for at present, so if this sounds like the boat you, then perhaps you need to make enquires now in readiness for a 2017 delivery.

Full beam Owner's Stateroom is aft in the Amel 50 and spacious!  © Amel

Also managed to catch up in person with Shelley Wright, the Founder of the Women Who Sail Australia group. They had just completed their second ‘Gathering', and she commented, “I think one of the things that struck me over the weekend was the diversity of attendees. We had circumnavigators, both as speakers and in the audience, liveaboards, solo sailors, Sydney to Hobart racers, day sailors, and also women just starting out on the water.”

“The youngest was Lauren at 18, and we had several in their 70s, too. All ages and abilities! You could feel the energy in the room - really hard to describe.” They crossed live to Lisa Blair before her dismasting, which Wright indicated was a highlight at the time, but obviously very sad now.

Also evident during conversation was how Wright appreciated the globalised nature of it all, and that they still had members of the group who were from overseas after their forays into the region. All of which pays great homage to the creator of Women Who Sail, Charlotte Kaufman, and her vision. Equally, this ties in very nicely with the Bluewater Cruising Association's Women On Water seminar, which is just days away – April 8 to be precise.

Participants at the 2017 WWSA Gathering  Event Media

OK. In this newsletter you will find that we have tales for you about Lisa Blair and the demise of her record attempt around Antarctica, the World ARC in Polynesia, Arctic Green Ice, Greenland Ice, Sail Port Stephens, Tropical Cyclone Debbie, getting back in the water, the Baja peninsula, Women On Water, sail training, cold water survival, and new choppers for you to select from, and so much more.

So you see, there are tales, lessons, inspirations and history to regale yourself with. Please do enjoy... We're loving bringing you the best stories from all over the globe. Remember too, if you want to see what is happening in the other Hemisphere, go to the top and the drag down menu, select the other half of the globe and, voila, it's all there for you.

Now then, are you out there plying the seas and got something to say? We'd love to hear from you via – In the meantime, do you love being on the ocean? Well remember to love them back too. They need our help. Now more than ever! Until next time...

John Curnow

We have escaped-
SV Crystal Blues,
I'm not sure why, but hardstands have a strong magnetic pull on Crystal Blues. We haul out every two years so our time on the hard is always extensive. The only way to break the cycle is to set a launch date and work diligently towards it. Oops, so we missed our first launch date and only made the second date with superhuman effort.... [more]

Vancouver Club Night – From the Baja to the Bash
Bluewater Cruising Association,
Despite having just recently gone past the 30,000 nautical mile mark together, their journeys have mostly been within 150 miles of the shoreline.... [more]

Solving the mystery of the Arctic's green ice
Leah Burrows,
In 2011, researchers observed something that should be impossible — a massive bloom of phytoplankton growing under Arctic sea ice in conditions that should have been far too dark for anything requiring photosynthesis to survive. So, how was this bloom possible?... [more]

Lisa Blair heads to Cape Town under motor following dismasting
Lisa Blair Sails the World,
Lisa Blair has assessed the damage to her yacht, Climate Action Now, after being dismasted 895 nm south of Cape Town in 40 knot winds and seven metre swells early in the morning of April 4, 2017. She made a PAN PAN call over the radio at approximately 0300 (AET) / 1900 (SAST) signalling an urgent threat to her safety and this remains in place.... [more]

Lisa Blair dismasted 895nm South of Cape Town
Lisa Blair Sails the World,
At approximately 0300hrs (AEST) on April 4, Lisa Blair issued a PAN PAN 895nm south of Cape Town when in 40 knot winds and seven metre swell her boat Climate Action Now was dismasted after the port shroud broke in a knock down. Her position was reported as 048:38:384 S 022:31:430 E. Search and Rescue in Cape Town have been notified and will provide assistance if required.... [more]

WOW 2017 – Keynote speaker Amanda Glickman – Empowered by attitude
June Lazenby,
After sailing the Sea of Cortez together, following John Steinbeck's book “The Log of the Sea of Cortez”, they embarked on a voyage to circumnavigate South America, following the route of Darwin...backwards.... [more]

Some of Greenland's coastal ice will be permanently lost by 2100
Pam Frost Gorder,
The glaciers and ice caps that dot the edges of the Greenland coast are not likely to recover from the melting they are experiencing now, a study has found. Researchers report in the current issue of the journal, Nature Communications, that melting on the island passed a tipping point 20 years ago. The smallest glaciers and ice caps on the coast are no longer able to regrow lost ice.... [more]

Mid-Island Sail Training (MIST)
Rob Dodge,
The Bluewater Cruising Association's Vancouver Island Chapter is proud to host the fourth annual Mid-Island Sail Training (MIST) on-the-water event in Nanaimo, May 5-7, 2017. MIST is dedicated to the development of traditional sailing skills by practice in the “great water laboratory” at our doorstep, rather than by theory in a classroom setting. MIST is a weekend of camaraderie and fun...... [more]

Nuku Hiva welcomes the World ARC
World Cruising,
After check in procedures in Hiva Oa the world ARC fleet started to cruise the Marquesas islands toward the welcome rendezvous in NukuHiva. Check in procedures went smoothly through the local agent, Laurent, and participants were quickly able to arrange necessary supplies onshore, and get out to the neighboring islands, Tahuata and Fatu Hiva.... [more]

WOW 2017 – Keynote speaker Jennifer Handley
June Lazenby,
Camdeboo set sail for French Polynesia in 2006 with seven aboard; over the next five years, 27 people joined ‘Boo as she explored the South Pacific and eventually made her way back to Victoria in 2011.... [more]

An invisible danger – New England waters remain cold into spring
Coast Guard First District Northeast News,
Timothy Bare clung to the inside of his capsized kayak as the 43-degree water soaked through his clothing. As his core body temperature dropped, his natural reflexes kicked in, pulling blood from his arms and legs to his vital organs. His time was limited. Given the water temperature and clothes he wore, he had two hours to be rescued – or die.... [more]

World ARC - 15 months later and back to the Caribbean
World Cruising,
After spending nearly a month in Brazil visiting Salvador and Cabedelo to enjoy the Carnival, the fleet sailed 2088NM North crossing the equator for the second time on World ARC to get back to the crystal waters of the Caribbean arriving at Port Louis Marina in Grenada.... [more]

Lee-on-Solent starts live operations with new AW189 rescue helicopters
Maritime and Coastguard Agency,
The new £20 million AW189 helicopters are painted in red and white HM Coastguard colours, and operated by Bristow Helicopters Limited on behalf of HM Coastguard. The Coastguard base at Lee-on-Solent is the first in the UK to fly this new model of helicopter for SAR missions.... [more]

WOW 2017 – Meet the instructor for essential knots
June Lazenby,
This WOW hands-on session will show you how to handle lines like a seasoned boater. By the end of the session everyone will be able to coil a line, fasten a dinghy, tie a loop to go over a cleat, tie a knot at the end of a line so it won't go through a block or a hole, and tie a bowline.... [more]

Vancouver Island Cruising Experience 2017 – A mini offshore trip
Bluewater Cruising Association,
Open to BCA members only, VICE is a mini offshore shakedown trip. Sail away from Vancouver Island, over the horizon and into the night in the company and security of a fleet of like minded, adventurous sailors. There is no preparation for going offshore quite like being offshore, and VICE is an opportunity for Dreamers to get some offshore experience before they become Doers.... [more]

Governor LePage honours Maine Marine Patrol Officers for valiant servi
Coast Guard First District,
The Governor of Maine, and the Commander of the First Coast Guard District, presented the Silver Lifesaving Medal and Certificate of Valor to two Maine Marine Patrol Officers at the State House Tuesday in Augusta, Maine. Governor Paul R. LePage and Rear Adm. Steven D. Poulin awarded Specialist Corrie Roberts the Silver Lifesaving Medal and Sergeant Matt Talbot the Certificate of Valor... [more]

Vancouver Island Fleet – Women's offshore seminar
Connie Morahan – VI Fleet Coordinator,
Many women who are preparing to go offshore feel they are running as fast as they can to catch up to their partners' sailing skills and to become less dependent on their partners for technical know-how.... [more]

WOW 2017 – Meet the instructors for man back on board
June Lazenby,
The scariest situation of all for a boater is for someone to go over the side. Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary members Kelly Noel and Christine Rikley will cover MOB procedures, including lifts for crew that are bigger than you. You will have the opportunity to try throwing a lifeline and life ring. They will also go over cold water immersion and hypothermia protocol.... [more]

Operation V-Berth
Adam McKenzie and Nancy Shackelford,
The last festive season we were so lucky to have an opportunity to house sit: central heating, washer and dryer, and a full kitchen. As a live aboard, these are huge luxuries in life! Of course, when we're not living on the boat is the perfect time to do work on the boat. Last year, our winter project was to upgrade our electrical system. This year we decided to insulate the V-berth.... [more]

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